Expand your horizon with an overseas program

Griffith Asia Institute currently coordinates two overseas student programs. Participating in an overseas program as a part of your Griffith University degree is one of the best experiences you can have at university.

Asia Future Fellows Program

The annual Asia Future Fellows Program is a Griffith and Peking University global exchange initiative designed exclusively for undergraduate students.

The Program provides a unique opportunity for students to enrich their studies, gain cultural awareness and establish personal and future professional connections.

It also allows students to make a positive contribution to the community, while combing volunteer work and academic learning.

Global mobility business internships

Undertaking a Global Mobility Business Internship will facilitate both personal and professional development. The experience will provide an opportunity to apply the knowledge and practise the skills of your profession in another part of the world, while immersing yourself into a different culture, language, lifestyle and people.

Registrations for 2020 will open for a limited time early in the academic year.

Why study overseas?

Create an international network of friends

Experience a new culture

Develop your career

Grow more confident and self-sufficient

Learn a new language

Expand your resume

Make professional connections

Gain an international perspective in your field

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