Advancing your skills in STEAM will mean you are supported to transition to employment

The STEAM Teacher Education Centre of Excellence (TECE) was established to support the development of high-quality teachers with qualifications in Science (including Psychology), Technology, Engineering, Arts (i.e. English) and Mathematics to transition into the classroom and teach in high priority state schools.

The STEAM TECE is based at Benowa State High School and works closely with Griffith University and local schools including Merrimac and Helensvale State High Schools.

This program is undertaken in your final year of study, alongside your normal study load. You will complete a minimum of 40 additional hours of professional learning.

This exclusive partnership between Griffith University and the Queensland Department of Education (DoE) provides students with:

  • Opportunities for additional in-school experience
  • Expert mentoring whilst studying
  • High quality professional development which compliments your final year of initial teacher education program studies and align with the graduate Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST)
  • Being supported to transition to employment in a Queensland State School
  • The opportunity for enhanced / accelerated career advancement

Alumni of this program are excelling in their roles as classroom teachers and school leaders.

Gain a head start on your teaching career

Secure your future employment while you're still studying

What will I be doing?

All preservice teachers in the program will engage in a seminar program that is designed to support them for a minimum of 40 hours of professional learning in addition to university program requirements.

This will include:

  • an elite preservice STEAM teacher development and induction program
  • induction into the Department of Education to prepare preservice teachers to work in Queensland state schools
  • best practice practicum for graduate entry preservice teachers
  • additional professional learning hours covering topics relevant to developing teacher capability in STEAM.

What are the benefits?

Preservice teachers selected for enrolment gain knowledge of DoE systemic processes such as the implementation of the Australian Curriculum and new Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE).

The TECE is about quality teachers working collaboratively, growing our profession and assisting future colleagues.

The Head of Mentoring is responsible for guiding and supporting preservice teachers’ teaching experiences, assessing teaching practice and providing feedback.

The Head of Mentoring and the University Coordinator work with each preservice teacher to support the implementation of TECE modules and school-based assessments.

How to apply

To be eligible for the TECE program you must:

  • Be in your final year of initial teacher education
  • Commit over a 6-month period to complete a minimum of 40 additional hours of professional learning
  • Be able to demonstrate high quality academic and non-academic capabilities by achieving and maintaining a minimum GPA of 5.5 or higher
  • Be available to commence employment as a teacher in a Queensland State School following successful completion of the TECE program and your degree

Application to the TECE program is competitive due to the limited availability of places and desirable benefits. Candidates who are undertaking the Master of Secondary Teaching or Bachelor of Education (Secondary) degree at Griffith University are strongly encouraged to apply for this opportunity.

NOTE: This program is for preservice teachers who are yet to gain their teacher qualifications.

Eligible candidates must demonstrate the capability to teach senior secondary in one or more of the following areas:

  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Earth and Environmental Science
  • Psychology
  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Technology
  • Biology (in conjunction with one of the aforementioned specialist subject areas)

Applicants with junior STEAM subject area specialisations will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

To apply, you must complete the STEAM TECE Preservice Teacher application form (PDF 1MB)

The following documents must be provided as supporting evidence of your eligibility for the program:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Academic transcript (prior qualifications)
  • Practicum final report applicable for Bachelor of Education (Secondary) students only
  • Additional documentation to support your eligibilty for the STEAM TECE


Contact the Teacher Education Centre of Excellence

Billy Roberts

2019 STEAM TECE Graduate

The Head of Mentoring can modify the program to target areas that we may be lacking, and we can see improvements immediately.

Lyndsee Heilbronn

Chemistry and Junior Science Teacher, Benowa State High School

The TECE gave me such a fantastic mentorship. I gained lots of exposure to different teaching styles which helped me decide what works and doesn't work with my own teaching.

Shawtima Rakovsky

Science Teacher, Windaroo Valley State High School

During a regular practicum you might only be exposed to one or two teaching styles. As a student at the TECE, we were fortunate to have people come in and collaborate with us on developing our teaching toolkit.

Dr Julien Grignon

Head of Science, Benowa State High School

As an alumnus of the TECE, the program prepares you to be classroom ready - all set to get in your own classroom and start teaching.

Anj Head of Mentoring

Anjuli Dillon

Head of Mentoring

Pre-service teachers are put through a comprehensive induction program to ensure they are classroom ready and graduates of the program are prioritised for permanent offer of employment in the South East Region.

Harry Kanasa

Dr Harry Kanasa

University Coordinator

Being able to survive the first five years of teaching is crucial. The STEAM TECE has a 5-year retention rate of 98% compared to 62% in a general cohort of teachers.  All the extra professional development and time in the classroom will help fast track you to becoming an excellent teacher.

Mark Rickard

Executive Principal, Benowa State High School

Students who have done TECE training are great prospects for us as employers. They arrive to us classroom ready which is an invaluable asset.

Governance Committee

The operation of the TECE is overseen by a Governance Committee which is responsible for the endorsement of the Annual Operational Plan for the TECE.

The central partnership of the Centre is reflected in the Governance Committee makeup – with Griffith University, the STEAM TECE cluster schools, the employer (represented centrally and locally) and the Queensland Teachers Union all seeking to achieve best practice in STEAM preservice teacher preparation, recruitment and induction.

Anj Dillon, Head of Mentoring, coordinates the school-based programs for the group of preservice teachers placed in the school sites. She briefs mentor teachers on placement requirements and maintains regular contact throughout the supervision period. Anj also provides pastoral support to preservice
teachers, observes preservice teacher’s teaching and provides formative and summative feedback, assessment and advice on preservice teachers’ teaching practice.

Anj works with the University Coordinator to prepare and deliver the practicum seminar program.

Dr Harry Kanasa is the University Coordinator and leads the university components of the program. Harry acts as a conduit between the University and the Centre, and works in partnership with the Head of Mentoring to:

  • ensure program compliance with Griffith University and other statutory boards including the QCT ;
  • develop on-campus (school and University) activities to support the TECE
  • liaise with Griffith University staff to develop course profiles to meet the goals of the TECE while ensuring compliance with University and QCT requirements;
  • provide oversight of practicum supervision and moderation of assessment of same
  • provide leadership of the on-going research program.
Mark Rickard Principal / Chair of Governance Committee Benowa State High School
Karen Lindsay Executive Principal Helensvale State High School
Chris Tobin Principal Merrimac State High School
Anj Dillon Head of Mentoring / Secretariat Benowa State High School
Harry Kanasa University Coordinator School of Education and Professional Studies, Griffith University
Donna Pendergast Representative of Griffith University / Advice on Griffith University perspectives School of Education and Professional Studies, Griffith University
Maryanne Gosling Representative of ADG Human Resources Department of Education
Jodie McFadden Representative of QTU Queensland Teachers Union
John Norfolk Regional Director / Advice on regional perspectives Department of Education, South East Region
Kirsty PayneDirector, Human Resources Business PartneringDepartment of Education, South East Region

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