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Our teaching staff provide diverse industry experience, real-life context and a commitment to students beyond expectations. They are also invested in researching, publishing, and practicing within a broad range of industry, discipline and cultural domains – passing on the latest knowledge to students.


Professor Elisabeth Findlay

Professor Findlay commenced as the QCA Director in 2020. She is an art historian who specialises in the theories of portraiture and the history of Australian art. She has published widely on issues of identity and the legacies of Australian colonial art.

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Elisabeth Findlay
Queensland College of Art

Prof Elisabeth Findlay

Professor Elisabeth Findlay commenced as the Queensland College of Art Director in 2020. She is an art historian who specialises in the theories of portraiture and the history of Australian art. She has published widely on issues of identity and the legacies of Australian colonial art.

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Dominique Falla
Deputy Director
Learning and Teaching

Assoc. Prof Dominique Falla

Associate Professor Dominique Falla is known as the “Tactile Typographer” due to the specific nature of her art practice. She has presented at national and international creativity, design, type and lettering conferences and is also the founder at Typism, a global type and lettering community.

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Bill Platz
Deputy Director

Dr Bill Platz

Dr Bill Platz has been part of the QCA community since 2009. He is an American-Australian artist, teacher and academic who exhibits and publishes regularly in the US, Australia and internationally. With research concentrations in life drawing, portraiture and pedagogies of drawing, his most recent work confects drawing, the body and puppets.


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Andrew Brown
Programs Director

Prof Andrew Brown

Professor Andrew R. Brown is an educator, musician, digital artist, and computer programmer. His work explores the aesthetics of process and regularly involves programming software as part of the creative process. Andrew’s research is concerned with understanding creative intelligence and how this is mediated through technologies.

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Key contacts

Renee Bridgman
School Manager

Design staff

Dr Tanja Beer – Interior and spatial design
Professor Andrew Brown – Interaction design
Dr Sam Canning – Product design
Rae Cooper – Visual communication design
Daniel Della-Bosca – Immersive design
Dr Michelle Douglas – Design thinking and research
Seth Ellis – Interaction design
Associate Professor Dominique Falla – Visual communication design
Associate Professor Katja Fleischmann – Visual communication design
Dr Eleni Kalantidou – Design research
Dr Vincent Moug – Product design
Associate Professor Dale Patterson – Immersive design
Dr Petra Perolini – Interior and spatial design
Dr David Sargent – Visual and communication design
Peter Thiedeke – Interaction design

Visual Arts staff

Professor Susan Best – Art theory
Dr Laini Burton – Visual arts research training
Amy Carkeek – Photography
Dr Julie Fragar – Painting
Dr Natalya Hughes – Honours
Dr Chari Larsson – Art Theory
Dr Tim Mosely – Print
Dr Bill Platz – Drawing
Dr Elizabeth Shaw – Jewellery and small objects
Dr Martin Smith – Photography
Justene Williams – Sculpture

Contemporary Australian Indigenous Art staff

Dominique Chen
Dr Fiona Foley
Dr Carol McGregor
Warraba Weatherall
Dr Robert Andrew – Griffith University Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr Dale Harding – Griffith University Postdoctoral Fellow

QCA Galleries

Nicola Holly – QCA Galleries Manager

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