#QCAatHome is a new open-call initiative that aims to explore what can be created beyond our gallery walls and studios, particularly during this challenging start to 2020.

We invited our students and alumni to submit image of their work, process and spaces via social media.

The project aims to bridge physical distances through making, sharing and connecting.

Follow the #QCAatHome hashtag on Instagram and Facebook to see what our students and alumni have been creating recently.

Follow the #QCAatHome hashtag

Images included below submitted by Queensland College of Art students:

  • Fine art student, Timmy Joseph
  • Photography student Rhett Kleine
  • Fine art student Danielle Milne
  • Fine art/business student Emily Parker
  • Fine art student Lorissa Toweel
  • Masters of Arts (Visual Arts) student Marnie Li
  • Fine art (Honours) student Michelle Wild
  • Fine art (Honours) student Paula de la Rua Cordoba
  • Fine art student Sunday Jemmott
  • Photography student Kimberley Marston
  • Fine art student Leanne Manton
  • HDR student Rachael Wellisch
  • Fine art student Talisa Moss.

#QCAatHome Q&A with students

What are you most looking forward to about returning to campus?

"I’ve always relied on the creative community around me to shape my work and I’m certainly missing that. I can’t wait to return to campus and have spontaneous discussions about my work with my peers. It’s that informal, artistic community at QCA that means the most. I also can’t wait to see my peers’ artwork hanging in the galleries again."
- Margot Stewart (Fine Art)
"Isolation has reinforced for me the importance of my University and arts networks. It’s great to see people making art via social media, but there is nothing like the face-to-face exchange of ideas, or an exhibition opening to keep those connections productive!"
- Natalie Wood (Fine Art)
"I'm really looking forward to getting back to the creative buzz that I always feel when I'm at the South Bank campus. There isn't anything else like being able to connect with peers in person, as well as spending time in the workshop and studio spaces. Being able to utilise the gallery spaces is also something I'm looking forward to and seeing QCA student work in person!"
- Emily Parker (Fine Art)
"I am eager to get back to campus so that I may again bask in the energy of my peers and their work. The QCA painting studios are particularly energising and inspiring. While I have enjoyed the challenge of re-contextualising my project to suit my new parameters, I hope to be back in the sanctuary of my studio soon so that I may create without limitations."
- Lorissa Toweel (Fine Art)
"I am really looking forward to being able to see other people's work and progress in person and have discussions in real life. It's an important year to work alongside and with others in the cohort, so I am hoping we can have some time on campus together. While it's great to have been able to work from home, time spent in the studio with others is really important."
- Michelle Wild (Fine Art)
"I can’t wait to get to know the Griffith University campus better, as this is my first year here, I'm excited to make full use of my newly decorated studio space! I also can’t wait to feel the creative energy of my colleagues around and have access to bigger kilns to produce bigger shapes. It looks like we will be able to come back very soon which excites me!"
- Paula de la Rua Cordoba (Fine Art)
"I can’t wait to see my peer’s artworks in person. The screen really prohibits getting a proper impression of a work. I keep finding myself wanting to look closer or touch constantly! There is also something really special about watching your peers create and being a first-hand witness to their process. I’m just itching to be back in a collaborative studio space."
- Sunday Jemmott (Fine Art)
"I'm looking forward to being able to attend classes in person again. I feel like it's something we all took for granted, being able to be together, to converse and create and just experience human interaction, in all its wonderful strangeness,"
- Timmy Joseph (Fine Art)
"I’m looking forward to returning to the sense of belonging I get on campus though among like-minded artists and learners."
- Leanne Manton (Fine Art)
"I can’t wait to get back into the studio space with my peers! I’ve missed the conversations, the community and the endless excitement about art."
- Abby Colthup (Fine Art)
"I’m looking forward to meeting up with the wonderful people I've meet so far on campus. I love the sharing of ideas, experimentation and feelings around art!"
- Kasey Dunshea (Fine Art)


QCA Galleries Coordinator: Ms Nicola Holly