Flatform is part of Fine Art (Honours) graduate Natalie Lavelle's continuing inquiry into concepts that explore surface relationships where visual perception prompts a tangible awareness of painting's objecthood in relation to our own body and the natural world.

These works retain a connection to the "thereness' and "thingness' of a painting, instead of contemplating it as "neither being nor nothingness'. They request viewers to comprehend the reality of art, the medium, and the materials that is presented to them.

Paintings that offer their own medium as subject point, both, inward to themselves and outward to their relationship with other things. In turn, we become conscious of a recognisable common physicality between object and Self and ultimately our space amongst all things - and the world. Working in spontaneous and investigational methodologies, the works navigate constructed forms and space through various brushwork and stitching embedded together in abstract and monochromatic compositions.

Grey Street Gallery, Queensland College of Art, South Bank.

Image (right) Natalie Lavelle, Untitled (wall painting for Grey Street), 2020, Acrylic on wall, Dimensions variable

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Natalie Lavelle graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art from the Queensland College of Art (QCA), Griffith University in 2018, where she is continuing her studies in the Honours Fine Art Research Program. Lavelle has been artist and studio assistant to major Brisbane and interstate artists for whom she contributes her expertise to large mural projects including: Ipswich Mall upgrade project and Integrity 20 Fish Lane project in 2019; Queensland Rail projects and the Brisbane W Hotel in 2018; QCA’s Webb Gallery walkway in 2017; and the Brisbane Festival in 2016.

She has developed a passion for large scale work in the studio and endeavours to extend on her studio practice by engaging with a broader public art audience. In 2019, she worked with the Queensland Children's Hospital and Art In Health program director to develop and install Mindful Trace, a site specific wall painting, for the oncology walkway.

Lavelle continues solo and group exhibitions throughout Brisbane at a variety of institutions and galleries.

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QCA Galleries Coordinator: Ms Nicola Holly