Image: Still from GFS Animation production Hubris. Created by Scott Walker.

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An intimate confessional from Nick, who learned through puberty that the imaginary friend in his head was real and violent.
Production credits
Director: Claire Randall
Producer: Shannen Tunnicliffe & Claire Randall
DOP: Lachlan James Morton
Animator: Lachlan James Morton
Colourist: Lachlan James Morton
Editor: Claire Randall & Liam Keogh
Sound Recordist: Malcolm Bothma
Sound Design: Damon Sheridan & Michael Laverty
Composer: Jacob De Weger
Illustrator: Jacob Duroux
A troubled lighthouse keeper spends the night alone during the storm of the decade.
Production credits
Writer/Director: Alex Greaves
Producer: Shey-Lee Smith and Chelsea Lahra
DOP: Elias de Wager
Production Designer: Marina Pennisi
Editor: Tom Baker
Sound Designer: Alexandra King
Composer: Jacob de Weger
Visual Effects: Josh Kell
After drinking a little too much wine while watching late-night infomercials, Edith wakes up to an odd purchase — her own clone express delivered to her door.
Production credits
Writer/Director: Siobhan Domingo
Producer: Monique Smith
DOP: Declan Stevens-Robert
Editor: Steph Gurdon
Production Designer: Catherine Ball
Sound Designer: Jack Campbell
VFX: Steph Gurdon and Matthew Hobson
Pond Scum
A savvy teenager enacts some kooky revenge after a bogan cat calls her from his ute.
Production credits
Writer/Director/Animator: Catriona Drummond
Music: Andrew Markwell, Dog Legs
Additional Cleanup: Madeleine Chan
Ute supervision: Matt Beikoff, Laurence Feron-Farrell and Michelle Ringrose
The Toll
Basil is an enthusiastic, imaginative night worker at a tollbooth in the middle of nowhere. What he wants more than anything is company. But cars are rare. He spends his time alone building whimsical cardboard creations to entertain himself. It is only when Basil breaks the boom gates that a car finally arrives and his underdeveloped social skills are put to the test.
Production credits
Writer/Director/Animator: Lachlan Pendragon
Composer/Sound Design: Yasemin Boz
Production Manager: Casrina Fullgrabe
Additional Animator: Anissa Roberts
Assistant Compositor/Assistant Prop Design: Anissa Roberts
Samuel of the Sea
Left upon a lighthouse doorstep as a baby, and raised by the gnarled sea-dog Ignatius; Samuel only knows the life of the sea. After acquiring the affections of the mean local fishmonger’s daughter, Petunia, Samuel has a chance to prove his worth. At the depths of the ocean, Samuel will discover the truth of his destiny.
Production credits
Writer/Director/Animator: Rob Corless
Production Manager: Kayleigh Cowley
Animators: Sean Martin, Dan Gibbs, Camillia Peyroux, Ellie Goggin, Shaneale Hanning, and Christine Lin
VFX: Hope Skeenan
Sound Editor: James Ethell
Music: Brent Wilson

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