2018 Griffith Film School Graduate Productions

We welcome you to view the creative production outcomes from our 2018 Griffith Film School Bachelors, Honours, and Masters students from film, animation, and games design.

Due to distribution restrictions, only authorised users are permitted to view the 2019 productions in full with a password. 2018 productions are now unrestricted.

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2018 Film and Screen Media productions

Mikey- A lazy, troubled and closeted university student decides to use the "Dreamweaver"; a device used to undo the potentially harmful ideologies and habits he has gathered throughout his life. Through surreal nightmares and twisted traumatic events that delve into his psyche, the Dreamweaver rewires his personality and inspires a lust for life.
Production credits
Director: Joshua Radford
Producer: Sammie Bally
Writer: Joshua Radford
1st AD: Chloe Barram
Production Manager: Nicole Collett
Production Designer: Brooke Shepherd
DOP: Grace Lyons
Gaffer: Seamus Murphy
Key Grip: Aiecher Bains
Editor: Mike Holloway
Continuity: Laura Valvekens
Sound Recordist: Amelia Fishpool
Sound Designer: Tess Kelly
Composer: Michael Drew
VFX: Phoebe Ireland
Gertrude is a young girl who believes without a doubt that she is destined for greatness. What that greatness is though, she doesn’t quite know...yet. She has lots of talents, but each thing is tarnished by the growing conflict between her parents. An unplanned pregnancy threatens to tear the family apart and to undo Gertrude’s unwavering positivity and belief in herself.
Production credits
Director: Mieka Thorogood
Producer: Matthew Keen
Writer: Mieka Thorogood
1st AD: Chloe Barram
Production Assistant: Elle Pollard
Production Designer: Sarah Grey
DOP: Rhys Ellis
Gaffer: Finn Thorogood
Editor: Tim Clough
Continuity: James Wild
Sound Recordist: Coby Cochrane
Sound Designer: Amelia Fishpool
Composer: Michael Drew
Hollow Laughter
Over the last ten years, Brian Strain has been performing stand-up comedy for very little recompense. Why does he still bother? Can he even quit?
Production credits
Director: Erin Fraser-Currie
Producer: Sean Campion, Erin Fraser-Currie, Emily MacCallum
Writer: Brian Strain
DOP: Jarryd O'Keafe
Editor: Emily MacCallum
Sound Recordist: Kenny Waterson
Sound Designer: Aldergrove Studios
London. The near future. A city stuck in the midst of a new Dark age. Ex-detective, Evan, is drawn back in by the Catholic church to investigate a string of brazen, religiously-motivated killing. Although, as he is about to discover, there are much larger attacks planned. Evan must risk his own faith, his own life and the power structures around him to prevent further deaths.
Production credits
Director: Lachlan McGilp
Producer: Nicole Strachan
Writer: Lachlan McGilp
1st AD: Ami Phi
Production Manager: Nicole Strachan
Production Designer: Parinaz Alimadad
DOP: Khoa Nguyen
Gaffer: Jia Chen Koh
Editor: Joseph Allanson
Continuity: Patrick Mahon
Sound Recordist: Joshua Radford
Sound Designer: Jason Smith
Composer: Riad Cutuk
Louder Than Words
Amy Clearwell is eleven-years-old and all she wants is to be the drummer in her school concert band. However, when both her concert band conductor and her father block her from being involved in the band, Amy begins to want something more – for them to realise that just because she’s Deaf, doesn’t mean she isn’t talented.
Production credits
Director: Rachel Larkin
Producer: Paige Hilliard
Writer: Rachel Larkin
1st AD: Lauren Hogg
Production Manager: Louie Hadfield
Production Designer: Jane Burfitt
DOP: Isaac Gatto
Gaffer: Robert Riley
Key Grip: Jordan Munro
Editor: Fran Yong
Continuity: Alexandra Kakoniktis
Sound Recordist: Damon Sheridan
Sound Designer: Thomas Lie
Composer: Kim Cunio
Tough-girl Betty and good-girl Kylie stumble upon a mirror in the basement. Unknowing of its demonic origin, they discover an age-old secret within. In uncovering the mirror’s haunting past, they mistakenly reawaken a dark entity within Betty’s Mother. It’s fight or flight as the demonic force hunts them down, threatening their existence. Sacrifices WILL be made.
Production credits
Director: Brittany Salmon
Producer: Taylah Moore
Writer: Brittany Salmon
1st AD: Michael Upton
Production Manager: Lauren Hogg
Production Designer: Jemimah Hockey
DOP: Jordan Munro
Gaffer: Sebastian Michael Byrne
Editor: Jordyn Haney
Continuity: Louie Hadfield
Sound Recordist: Nikolas Pregelj
Sound Designer: Rachel Larkin and Michael Adams
Composer: Michael Drew
Makeup Artist and Costume Designer: Jasmeka Rose
At the height of World War II, an Australian Private is thrown into the unknown when he is forced into a horrific trial governed by the German Army. With the infliction of psychological and torturous warfare, this young man must learn the violent reality of survival.
Production credits
Director: Harrison Hertrick
Producer: Jordyn Dowling
Writer: Harrison Hertrick
1st AD: Sean McParland and Alessandria Riding
Production Manager: Jordyn Dowling
Production Designer: Elliott Ng
DOP: Jia Chen Koh
Gaffer: Isaac Gatto
Editor: Chris Ashton
Continuity: Jacinta Taylor
Sound Recordist: Nikolas Pregelj
Sound Designer: Edwin Falovic
Composer: Jarvis Miller
Mason is failing to revise for his law exams due to his roommate, Duke’s expressive intercourse. But according to Duke, when Mason left a hole in his life by deserting him for law textbooks, he had to fill in holes just to pass the time. Their home quickly turns toxic when Mason accidentally jeopardises Duke’s new relationship by asking the wrong girl to quieten down her fake orgasming. Their spiritually inclined landlord intervenes to see if he can salvage the boys once cherished friendship and restore harmony in the household.
Production credits
Director: Claudia Lamb & Michael Holloway
Producer: Claudia Lamb & Michael Holloway
Writer: Claudia Lamb
1st AD: Jessica C Smith
Production Manager: Claudia Lamb & Michael Holloway
Production Designer: Tim White
DOP: Shannon Reilly
Gaffer: Grace Lyons
Key Grip: Marcus Hormann
Editor: Patrick Mahon
Continuity: Jacinta Taylor
Sound Recordist: Amy Haylock
Sound Designer: Tess Kelly
Composer: Michael Drew
Seeing Red
An arthouse piece that explores a fantasy of violence, blood and lust. Roselyn reflects on a toxic relationship where she delves into the deepest and darkest of her sexual desires. As she is taken on this experiential, sensual journey, Roselyn becomes fully consumed by her twisted fantasies where she embodies the predator who must devour her prey.
Production credits
Director: Sarah Jackson
Producer: Nicolle Collete & Sean Abnett
Writer: Sarah Jackson
1st AD: Lillian Carrara
Production Designer: Heidi Jones
DOP: Sophie Cross
Gaffer: Emily Brown
Editor: Jordan Jeynes
Continuity: Layla Hutchins
Sound Designer: Joseph Morrison
Composer: Jarvis Miller
Tales From the Beyond
During the production of a paranormal investigation series in 1977, Suzy Strange--clairvoyant medium and show hostess--is quickly overwhelmed by a sinister presence in an old children’s home. As Suzy and the crew delve deeper into the house, they place themselves at further risk. Something awaits in the basement, behind an ominous trapdoor and once Suzy realises, it’s too late to escape. With nowhere left to run, Suzy has to make a dangerous offer.
Production credits
Director: Jake Löfvén
Producer: Alexandra Kakoniktis
Writer: Jake Löfvén
1st AD: Jessica Smith
Production Manager: Amelia Fishpool
Production Designer: Jessica Ross
DOP: Robert Riley
Gaffer: Paige Hilliard
Key Grip: Thomas Bewley
Editor: Hugo Hood
Continuity: Bryce Harra-Crockford
Sound Recordist: Rachel Larkin
Sound Designer: Joshua Shephard
Composer: Ethyne Wesley
Time & Space 101
Intelligent university students Logan and CJ and their intern Tyler work together on their master creation Project Persephone. This machine has the remarkable ability to change the age of an object. After many failed attempts, the machine finally works and produces results. However after exposing an affair that Logan had in the lab, CJ and himself are pulled into another world. Here they fight to return to their home dimension from the forces that lay beyond space and time.
Production credits
Director: Erin Campbell
Interactive Designer: Alexander Ratcliffe
Producer: Chris Saurdal
Writer: Alexander Ratcliffe
1st AD: Sean Sixsmith
Production Manager: Chris Saurdal
Production Designer: Karlee Catalano
Gaffer: Tyrone Valera
Key Grip: Lillian Carrara
Editor: James Kittel
Continuity: Seth Lebrese
Sound Recordist: Matthew Conroy-Harris
Sound Designer: Antony Condoleon
Composer: Michael Drew
Jan Powers Farmers Markets TVC: With the Jan Powers Farmer Markets expanding their locations, it has become easier to have access to local, fresh produce. But it’s more than just the idea of fresh, local produce. It’s the connections that shoppers receive when they go to the markets.
Little Athletics TVC: Every athlete that stands on an Olympic podium once had to be competing on a Saturday morning in under 12’s on their local grass oval. This is the journey Little Athletics allows so many kids to embark on.
Production credits
Director: Alessandria Riding
Producer: Rachel Owen
Writer: Alessandria Riding
1st AD: Jessica Smith
Production Designer: Zahra O'Brien
DOP: Sebastine Michael Byrne
Gaffer: Jordan Munro
Key Grip: Tom Davidson
Editor: Ken Kimura
Sound Recordist: Josh Shephard
Sound Designer: Ella O'Shea

2018 Animation productions

When a deep bond flourishes between two boys, a hairy secret and a devoted mother unknowingly stands between them.
Production credits
Corey Morgan
Ashleigh Gauld
Corey Morgan
Corey Morgan
Corey Morgan, Caitlin O’Brien, Iona Murray, Joyce Mekonnen, Matthew Simonds, Xena Achilleos, Leon Warren
Ashleigh Stuhmcke, Leon Warren
Background Artists:
Olivia Rea, Naomi Hurrey, Corey Morgan
Post Production:
Ashleigh Gauld, Claire Brooks
Composed and Performed by Emma Thompson, Produced by Josh Hartridge
Peter Moyes
Eldritch Kid: Juggernaut
Based on the Eldritch Kid series by Gestalt Comics, Eldritch Kid: Juggernaut is an action-packed fantasy western adventure. The story follows our protagonists, The Kid and Ten Shoes, on their quest to stop a rampaging demon train that destroys everything in its path.
Production credits
Xena Achilleos
Katie Giefer
Melody Borg
Raven Stark
Claire Brooks
Chris Stefanac
Stephanie Halford
Felicity Haworth
Khiem Le
Felix Fischmann
Olivia Rea
Naomi Hurrey
Erin Mills
Hannan McBryde
Leon Warren
Ipso Facto
Witchcraft is ipso facto, on its face and by its nature, an invisible crime. Who may possibly be witness to it? In a dark basement out of sight of the world, a witch cooks a brew. Eyes follow her progress from the shadows, within cages, from inside jars, silent as the grave. Horrors hide in the darkness, but sometimes it’s preferable not to turn on the light. Do not be lulled into complacency, Ipso facto, some things really are as they first appear.
Production credits
Director and Producer:
Aleisha Moran, Emily Cameron
Concept Art:
Emily Cameron
Emily Cameron, Jack Campbell
Music/Sound Design:
Daniel Milad
Asset Creation:
Aleisha Moran, Emily Cameron, Leon Warren, Jason Rauwerda, Katie Giefer
Aleisha Moran, Ellen Clark, Emily Cameron, Jack Campbell, Jasmine-Ashleigh Yule, Leon Warren, Malcolm Mackellar, Manuel Acevedo
James Heavey
Rigging/Technical Artists:
Aleisha Moran, Emily Cameron
Louise Harvey
A lone man on the remote frontiers of the Australian outback has conceded defeat to the harsh environment and prepares to abandon his home. He makes final gestures to his life and home, beginning his escape toward the horizon. Yet the desert is not as empty as it seems.
Production credits
Helix Phelan-Badgery
Emily Cameron
Luke Zahnleiter
Sam Muller
Concept Development:
Naomi Hurrey
Visual Development:
Zou Kaihan, Liang Ruochen
Zou Kaihan, Naomi Hurrey, Helix Phelan-Badgery
Helix Phelan-Badgery, Maddy Healy, Jeromie Navin
Stop Motion Animation:
Helix Phelan-Badgery
Eye Tracking / Eye Animation:
Jeromie Navin, Helix Phelan-Badgery
Jason Rauwerda, Jeromie Navin
Alex Futo, May Ringdahl, Jeromie  Navin, Helix Phelan-Badger
Peter Moyes, Michael Linhart
With the increasing production of man-made noise since the industrial revolution through the fast development of machinery and its daily use, health problems developed as a result. We have adapted to a certain degree to this increasing noise menace, ignoring its health debilitating effects. This film focuses on the impact of noise through time experienced by the protagonist as he tries to escape it to focus on his work, while the noise seems to be increasing and expanding around him.
Production credits
Director / Animation:
Alex Praças
Composer / Sound Design:
Maichol Bondanelli
Old Man at the End of the World
A cranky elderly man leads a lonely life in the city. He is annoyed at the outside world and refuses to leave his apartment, despite his daughter’s warnings. Meanwhile the world is coming to an end, the city falls into chaos, the Mayor issues an emergency evacuation. The Old Man stubbornly refuses to acknowledge the distressing events occurring outside his apartment, attempting to watch his television programs in peace. Even as the fabric of reality crumbles around him, the Old Man determinedly hangs onto his routine.
Production credits
Maria Zelenskaya
Emily Cameron
Daniel Milad
Marco Sinigaglia
Concept Art:
Stephanie Halford, Erin Mills, Maria Zelenskaya
3D Modeling:
Jason Rauwerda, Aleisha Moran, Leon Warren, Maria Zelenskaya, Maria Ardinceva
Jack Campbell, Maria Zelenskaya
Motion Capture Technicians:
Jack Campbell, Emily Cameron, Maria Zelenskaya, Narrelle Vella
James Heavey
Rigging / TD:
Jason Rauwerda
Maria Zelenskaya
Louise Harvey
Prometheus Makes a Man
An animated comedy short about the wildly inglorious, ungodly process of making the first humans from nothing but clay. As the myth goes, Prometheus, an adorable Titan, made man as part of his day job while working at the Temple of Zeus. But when his dick of a boss, a literal Eagle, can’t be bothered to help, things take longer than expected. It isn’t until they put their differences aside that they realize only together, and with a lot of love, can they birth humans into the world and get the job done.
Production credits
Story Morehouse
Ash Stuhmcke
Ma-Alexandra Ang
Jasmine-Ashleigh Yule
Ashley Henry
Khiem Le
Kyle Lovan
Emma Thompson
Narissa Amies
Max Gibson
Madi Marston
Felicity Haworth
Iona Murray
Jace Waddell
James Heavey
Olivia Rea
Richard Sewell
Lachlan MacAuslane
Paul Watson
Sprout is a short animation about a clumsy gardener, Lily, who is determined to transform her lacklustre garden into something worthy of winning the annual flower competition. While fumbling through her day to day and harming her garden more than improving it, Lily notices that one of her onions has sprouted into a sentient little being. The two form an unlikely friendship and partner up to revitalise the garden and bring it up to par. Will the duo be able to cultivate their ambitions or will their dreams buried?
Production credits
Bernice Choong
Jason Rauwerda
Bernice Choong
Bernice Choong
Voice Actor:
Vikki Lam
Timothy Clark
Sound Recorder:
Ryan Turner
Concept artist:
Bernice Choong
Ashleigh Gauld, Bernice Choong, Jack Clark, Jason Rauwerda, Jennifer Daniell, Katie Giefer, Leon Warren, Logan Pitcher
Texture artists:
Bernice Choong, Jason Rauwerda
Jason Rauwerda
Bernice Choong, Christopher Stefanac, Ellen Clark, Jack Campbell, Jennifer Daniell, Leon Warren, Manuel Acevedo
Lighting artist:
Jason Rauwerda
Sound Recorder and Sound Designer:
Ryan Turner
Video editor:
Christopher Stefanac
Louise Harvey
The Hunt
A desperate hunter becomes fixated on a bigger prize, all while an orange cyclops eye of a moon watches from above.
Production credits
Olivia Rea
Naomi Hurrey
Storyboard Artists:
Corey Morgan, Olivia Rea
Concept Art and Backgrounds:
Naomi Hurrey, Olivia Rea
Rough animation:
Xena Achilleos, Naomi Hurrey, Corey Morgan, Joyce Mekonnen, Iona Murray, Michelle Nish, Caitlin O’Brien, Olivia Rea, Raven Stark
Cleanup artists:
Naomi Hurrey, Joyce Mekonnen, Olivia Rea
Xena Achilleos, Naomi Hurrey, Iona Murray, Michelle Nish, Olivia Rea, Quinn Segall, Raven Stark
James Heavey
Jarvis Miller
Sound Design/Mixing:
Ethyne Wesley
Paul Mason
On an island cliff, a lone girl’s innate fear of the surrounding waves hinders her desire of exploring the lands beyond the horizon. She finds appeasement in collecting washed up parchments. When she just can’t seem to catch one particular parchment, she must risk it all.
Production credits
Director / Producer:
Joyce Mekonnen
Story and Concept:
Joyce Mekonnen
Voice Acting (Alofa):
Joyce Mekonnen
Olivia Rea, Naomi Hurrey, Joyce Mekonnen
Joyce Mekonnen, Leon Warren, Matthew Simmonds, Chris Stefanac, Khiem Lee, Kyle Lovan, Xena Achilleos, Yo’el HilL, Narissa Amies, Courtney Hooper
Clean up:
Joyce Mekonnen, Leon Warren, Matthew Simmonds, Ash Stuhmcke, Michelle Nish
Pitara Tepaki, Hannah McBryde, Joyce Mekonnen, Felix Fischmann, Ash Stuhmcke, Christopher Stefanac, Leon Warren
Joyce Mekonnen
Joyce Mekonnen, Matthew Simmonds
Motion Graphics:
Felix Fischmann
Ethyne Wesley

2018 Games Design productions

In a dystopian mega city, Lawful Co. controls the population. Corruption and manipulation are building blocks of this monopoly, controlling populations through consumer products, media, health and finance. A clear divide exists between the wealthy and poor; the rich behaving as gods among men. In this world, exists Scramble… A talented hacker and loner, taking vengeance on his parents’ misfortune and deaths. Saving the lives of millions of people who are under the careful watch of Lawful Co., exposing the corruption in ways they could never cover up. The people will know. The people will rise. The people will overcome.
Production credits
Project Lead, Game designer, Concept Art, Illustration, 3D modelling
Margeaux Prince (Blundell)
Programmer, Sound, Animation
Taylor Anderson
3D Modelling, Environmental Artist
Archie Speller
Level Design, Writer, Game Design
Harrison Milne
Daniel John McConaghy
UI design, Animation, Environment Design, 3D modelling, Programmer
Paris Smith
Rush is a tension based chase platformer, where you play as a mischievous mage recently escaped from their temple tomb. Sending a magical storm in an attempt to reclaim its former prisoner, escape the temple's clutches by clearing levels as fast as possible and collecting energy to unlock new areas.
Production credits
Creative Director and Lead Designer
Joshua Andrews
Lead Programmer, Designer and Level Designer
Dylan Lee
Spell Wars
Immortal magic users battle each other, to prove they are the best. Using a variety of spells and guns they find interesting ways to “kill” each other knowing they will respawn in a moment to get back into the fray.
Production credits
Level Designer, VFX artist
Jacob Brett
Character Design, Texture Artist, Animator, Level Designer, Art Director, 2D art, Lighting
Johnathan Bugden
3D modelling, Level Design
Trent Coleman
Gameplay Designer, Programmer, Sound Designer, Project Director, VFX
Layne Ngatai-Stokes
Network Programmer
Isaac Phillips
Programmer, Gameplay Designer
John-Anthony Sandroussi
Additional 2D/UI art
Rachel Grimmett
Totec's Curse
Three exiled knights explore a long-forgotten temple with the cursed sword Totec. Solve puzzles, trigger traps, and slay enemies by throwing Totec in a frisbee like fashion in a co-operative dungeon delving adventure.
Production credits
Project director, Programmer, Gameplay design
Matthew O’Brien
Animation, Environment modelling, 2D art, visual effects
Ana Walker
Character modelling, visual effects, lighting
Toby Campbell
Level design, additional programming
Liam Smith
Layne Ngatai-Stokes
Voice actors
Hemi Rudolph, Heath Lambert, and Chantal de Jonge
Take control of an Infiltrator, an expert thief-for-hire in a near future who stumbles into a different kind of underworld they never knew existed.
Production credits
Game Design
Michael Henderson, Janelle Armand
Michael Henderson, Janelle Armand
Michael Henderson
Janelle Armand
Michael Henderson
Michael Henderson, Janelle Armand
WarDawg is an advanced military cyborg that reboots into an seemingly empty future, where the plants have taken back the cities. This is a visual 3rd person walk, through a dystopian future city street.
Production credits
Director, Level Designer, Asset Modeller, Sound Editor, Animator, Rigging
Michael Hannan

2018 Honours productions

"Afraid of the Dark"

A New Dress

Introversion on Screen

'Afraid of the Dark'
It is April's first night in the cold, dark house her family just moved to. In the middle of the night, she is woken by her dog quietly growling at something unseen outside her window. She can't see or hear what he's growling at... At first.
Production credits
Alicia Eames
A New Dress
A one-minute animation film about a young Baluchi girl who has put on a new outfit. She shows her happiness by dancing through colourful Baluchi patterns, which are presenting her Baluchi needleworks heritage.
Production credits
Asmae Ghani Fahim
Introversion on Screen
Two looping 3D environments. One specifically designed for appealing to introvert characteristics and the other extrovert characteristics. By exploring different cinematic techniques that appeal to these characteristics, content for them can be made with a greater positive impact. These two environments use such techniques such as colour and lighting as an exploration of their effect.
Production credits
Kate Lord


Peggy's Story

This is a story about two girls who discover a forgotten rainforest hidden from everyone within their city. This offers them an escape from their oppressive society and polluted outside world, but if the secret of this place was exposed there would be those who would be destroy to keep their power.
Production credits
Sarah Connell
Peggy's Story
Peggy’s Story is a serious game that allows the player to explore and learn about depression, anxiety and grief through the main protagonist Peggy Davies. Peggy is a 30-year-old women who has admitted herself into a mental health hospital to seek treatment for her mental illness. The game is a day in the life blog coupled with mini-games that allow you to experience through Peggy the complexity of mental illness. As such this game is intended for adults and deals with complex themes including suicide.
Production credits
Myfanwy King

2018 Masters productions

Bombardier Burnsie
John Burns fondly known as Burnsie was a Bombardier in 102 field battery in the Battle of Coral of the Vietnam War. Although he spent twenty three years in the army it was this particular period that was to have a life long impact on his love, friendships and family. John’s recollections are brought to life with the heart felt and raw honesty in this husband and wife duet of storytelling.
Production credits
Director/Producer/Writer: Ljudan Michaelis-Thorpe
DOP: Nina Rath
Sound Recordist: Alicia Eames
Editors: Nina Rath, Bobbi-Lea Dionysius, Ljudan Michaelis-Thorpe
Music Composer: Kyle Lacey Janetzky
Sound Design: Aldergrove Studios
Grace Who Waits Alone
In an oppressive subtropical summer, Grace, a young romantic, waits for her absent lover to return. Caught in the illusion of their shared love, Grace slowly disconnects from the world. As she loses herself to the fantasy, the real world begins to eat into her.
Production credits
Director: Georgia Temple
Producer: Jackson Lapsley Scott
Writer: Georgia Temple
DOP: Georgina Pickford
Sound: Robbie Douglas
Happy Android
Street performer Paul Cooper has an unlikely ally in his ongoing battle with anxiety and depression – his robot, Tubby.
Production credits
Director/Producer/Writer: Jaina Kalifa
Composer: Jacob De Weger
Editor: Jaina Kalifa
Story Consultant: Cathy Vallance
Sound Design: Peter Kurucz
Motion Design: Robert Gilchrist
Colourist: Dan Baebler
Additional Editing: Lachlan James Morton
Camera: Jaina Kalifa
Production Assistants: Bobbi-Lea Dionysius, Domini Forster, Aurora Darby, Adrian Nerra
Producer of Distribution and Marketing: Bobbi-Lea Dionysius
A poetic exploration about the importance of listening to your inner voice.
Production credits
Nina Rath
On the night of her 35th birthday, a terminally-lonely webcam girl decides to go on a date with her teenaged neighbour.
Production credits
Director/Writer: Daniel Flynn Anderson
Producer: Rachel Liviero
DOP: Ben Cotgrove
Editor: Josef Switak
Production Design: Zachary Golightly
Sound Designer: Ben Stewart
Music: Cedie Janson
Poster Boy
When the victim of a violent hate attack joins a gay gun club, he finds himself caught between two rival gay rights activists seeking to manipulate his story for their own agendas - one the club's charismatic leader, the other his domineering partner.
Production credits
Director: Dean W Law
Producer: Brenton Pinsent
Writer: Dean W Law
Cinematographer: Brian Loewe
Production Design: Joshua Long
Costumes: Katherine Chediak Putnam
Editor: Matthew Sawyer
VFX: Matthew Sawyer, Dan Warner, Jack Higgins, Mica Purnell
Sound Design: David Butcherine
Original Score: Matthew Prain
Simon Says
A visit to the world of artist Simon Mclean as he contemplates the meaning of art.
Production credits
Trevor Hawkins
Earth is dying, humanity is on the brink of extinction, and now mankind’s final hope has all but disappeared. In an effort to source a new life for planet earth, a research team ventured through the stars, only to go missing on an unknown planet. Desperate to find them, Commander Madison Sterling and her crew venture in pursuit. As her crew go missing one by one, the entire fate of humanity rests on her shoulders.
Production credits
Director/Producer/Writer: Rebecca Gardiner
Cinematographer: Tori Stevens
Editor: Maxine Shewan
Production Designer: Samantha Herriman
Two Weeks
Two Weeks, an LGBTQ drama web series set during a Brisbane summer, explores the struggles several 20-somethings face in the precarious turning points of their lives as they strive to define themselves. With nine episodes, this web series offers a snapshot into what it means to be young, to love, to want, and to be unsure.
Production credits
Creator: Mary Duong
Producer: Rhiannon Steffensen
Co-Producer: Mary Duong
Directors: Isabel Stanfield, Daniel Flynn Anderson, Rachel Anderson
Writers: Mary Duong, Daniel Flynn Anderson, Ben Cotgrove
Cinematographer: Ben Cotgrove
Editors: Josef Switak, David Peterson, Antonin Duvivier
A pensive miniature about the biggest treasure of life: Vulner-ability.
Production credits
Nina Rath

Griffith Film School