Poetic Licence

Kate Blackmore, Igor Grubić, Karrabing Film Collective, Meiro Koizumi, Khaled Sabsabi, Artur Żmijewski

17 – 26 November 2016

Poetic Licence draws together contemporary artists who explore ethically complex situations. Featuring moving image and installation across the disciplines of art, cinema and documentary, and examining diverse social and political contexts, their works reveal the complications and contradictions of humanity.

By considering how artists employ aesthetics, trauma and taboos in the retelling of historical events, the works in Poetic Licence question ethical lines of investigation and responses, and prompt us to consider the autonomy of both artist and subject. The ways in which these dynamics might be productive and problematic are deeply compelling subjects for contemporary art.

Indeed to provoke rather than to simply inform, each work takes critical aim at the role of contemporary art to exemplify or negotiate power structures, subverting popular discourse and reflecting alternative narratives.

Image credit (detail):
Meiro Koizumi, Double projection (when her prayer was heard) (still) 2013
Two-channel video installation, 13.18 minutes (looped), colour, sound
Courtesy: Annet Gelink Gallery, Amsterdam