Our subject adjustment can boost your Selection Rank and improve your chances of securing a place at Griffith

You are eligible to receive adjustments for subjects and university courses that you successfully complete in high school that require a high level of skill and knowledge.

Adjustment factors will be automatically applied to your ATAR when you apply for eligible Griffith University preferences through QTAC or UAC.

Explore the table below to determine how many adjustments you can receive as a current Year 12 student.


Queensland QCE

Minimum grade of C in Units 3 and 4

New South Wales HSC

2 unit courses, Band 3 or higher
Adjustment Factor*
Accounting N/A 2.00 ranks
Aerospace Studies N/A 2.00 ranks
Ancient History Ancient History 2.00 ranks
Biology Biology 2.00 ranks
BusinessBusiness Studies2.00 ranks
Chemistry Chemistry 2.00 ranks
Economics Economics 2.00 ranks
Engineering Engineering Studies 2.00 ranks
Film, Television and New Media N/A 2.00 ranks
Geography Geography 2.00 ranks
Health Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) 2.00 ranks
Languages other than English (LOTE) Any two unit Language course from Category A 2.00 ranks
Legal Studies Legal Studies 2.00 ranks
Marine Science N/A 2.00 ranks
Modern History Modern History 2.00 ranks
Physics Physics 2.00 ranks
Specialist MathematicsHSC Mathematics Extension 1 and 22.00 ranks


Grade of 4 or higher (on a 7-point scale)
Griffith University Early Start to Tertiary Study program (GUESTS)# 2.00 ranks
Recognised GUESTS equivalent from other Tertiary Institutions (e.g., QUT-START, UQ – Enhanced Studies Program) 2.00 ranks

Current Year 12 students includes equivalent Interstate Year 12 applicants.

[*] You can receive a maximum adjustment of six (6.00) ranks under this pathway. The total adjustments you can receive for University courses is four (4.00). The maximum adjustments that you can receive under all pathways are capped at eight (8.00).

[#] Griffith University runs a number of At-School courses that are deemed the equivalent of GUESTS . These include (but are not restricted to) Griffith Biology, Griffith Chem, Griffith Eng, Griffith Exercise and Sports Science, Griffith Health and Griffith Phys. Find out more about GUESTS.

Adjustments are applied to an applicant's ATA or equivalent selection rank that is based on their secondary studies only. Adjustments are not applied to VET qualifications that are stand-alone.

The Bachelor of Medical Science and Bachelor of Dental Health Science are excluded from the Year 12 Subject Adjustment.


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