Study at Griffith while you finish high school and gain credit transfer towards a degree

Our Griffith University Early Start to Tertiary Studies (GUESTS) program is designed to give you the opportunity to study a course (subject) at Griffith while completing your high school studies. With the tuition fee covered by the University, the program lets you sample university life at Griffith, learn from industry leaders and stretch your academic boundaries. If you are a motivated student who is looking to challenge yourself, consider applying for a GUESTS On-Campus or Online course.

With over 60 courses to choose from, eligible students can complete up to two courses while at school and can commence from Semester 2 of Year 11.

Eligibility and entry requirements

You are eligible to apply for the GUESTS program if you are in Year 11 or 12 and are one of the following types of students who meets the related entry requirements:

ATAR-eligible students

Non-ATAR VET students completing an AQF Certificate III or above

International Baccalaureate Diploma (IBD) students

Non-standard curriculum students: Toowoomba Christian College or NZ Steiner Certificate of Education

Home-schooled students

The support of your parents or guardian and the school approval is required to ensure that you have the resources available to be successful at tertiary study while completing your secondary studies.

Choose a course to suit you

As a GUESTS student, you can choose from a variety of courses either on-campus or online.

You can study one course per trimester (maximum of two courses or 20 credit points in total). There are four available intakes and students can apply to undertake GUESTS from Semester 2 of year 11.

Selecting a course that is related to your future career goals puts you in a unique position to experience the study area early and complement your senior subjects. If you're interested in studying Education, you may also complete a course that meets the Science prerequisite for Primary Education.

Selecting a course

You can preference up to three courses on your application from the available selection below. You can complete up to two courses, but no more than one 10 credit point (10CP) course per trimester. On your application, you may select courses for two intakes at a time. To confirm that the course falls under the degree you are interested in, refer to the program on the Degree Finder and view the Degree Structure under the Degree Requirements.

If the timetable for your intake is not yet available, refer to the previous year’s timetable. The days or hours of delivery may vary, however it will provide you with an idea of the on-campus commitment or the contact hours required during the week if online. Note that some online courses still require you to attend at specific times in order to actively participate in classes.

Some courses have a strict quota as indicated below. Late applications for courses with quotas may not be accepted. Contact Admissions prior to submission.

Please note that some study areas do not offer courses to GUESTS, such as Nursing and specific courses from competitive programs.

Degree Finder

Griffith Business School

Arts, Education and Law



When to apply?

Trimester 1
Year 12 students only 13 February
Trimester 2
Year 11 and 12 students 15 June
Trimester 3
Year 11 students only 15 October

We encourage you to apply early to ensure you can pick the classes that most suit your high school timetable.

Applications may still be considered after the closing date if places are still available in the study area of your choice. Please contact Admissions to discuss course availability prior to submitting your application. However, no applications will be considered once the trimester has commenced.

For information on trimester start and finish dates, refer to the Academic Calendar. Some Trimester 3 courses are taught in intensive mode, and these may not be suitable if they commence before completing Year 11. Check the course description for specific dates.


1. Commence your online application and download the school approval form

2. Upload your signed school approval form and your most recent official school report

3. Once completed - Submit your application online.

If you have any questions when selecting a course, please call 1800 677 728.

GUESTS on-campus or online application form

How you'll learn

You will learn through on-campus tutorials, workshops, lectures and group assignments. Your projects and classes will have you researching, investigating, critically analysing and writing effectively. To successfully complete a 10 credit point course, you will need to attend approximately two to four hours of lectures and tutorials each week. This commitment is required in addition to your school study load.

Course benefits

No course fee*

Build skills and confidence

Receive recognition on your QCE

Receive two adjustments**

Gain credit transfer

Earn Griffith Credentials

Griffith Credentials are a suite of digital badges that visually represent your achievements at Griffith University. As part of the GUESTS program you will:

  • earn a GUESTS Member digital badge upon enrolment
  • earn a GUESTS Achiever digital badge following successful completion of the course
  • be able to share your digital badge on LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media as well as share it over email or embedded in your digital resume, personal website and email signature
  • be able to access Labour Market Insights to view job listings based on the skills you have gained through your GUESTS Achiever badge as well as which employers are hiring, salary ranges and more


GUESTS Achiever

To find out more about Griffith Credentials please visit:

After successful completion of your course, you will be:

  • awarded a Griffith Credentials GUESTS Achiever badge
  • eligible for two (2.00) adjustments when applying for admission into eligible Griffith undergraduate degrees**
  • eligible for credit transfer for a Level 1 course (subject) at Griffith University (up to 20 credit points).

[*] You will need to meet your personal study costs for items such as textbooks, stationery and photocopying.

[**] Adjustments do not apply to the Bachelor of Medical Science and the Bachelor of Dental Health Science. The maximum adjustment that you can receive under all pathways is capped at eight (8.00). For further information refer to the Year 12 Subject Adjustment.

Students completing the Queensland Certificate of Education

If you successfully complete your GUESTS course, Griffith University will provide your grades to the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) for recording on your Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE). Your GUESTS course will be recorded as two credits of advanced courses of study; it does not count towards the calculation of your ATAR.


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