Griffith Personal Statement

An alternative pathway

The Griffith Personal Statement offers you the opportunity to apply for entry to Griffith on the basis of your skills and knowledge and your personal and professional competencies. Griffith is interested in you – not just your qualifications, but you as a person. We would like to know more about the values, viewpoints, learning and leadership you have developed throughout your work and life experience.

We understand that success at university is about much more than completing a qualification. It’s about enabling you to bring the power of all of your personal, work and life skills to your studies. We want to work with you to bring out the very best of you through your unique program of study experience at Griffith.

The Griffith Personal Statement will ask you to answer a number of questions based on criteria we know are good predictors of success at university. They include attributes such as commitment, preparation, self-reflection and experience. There are no right or wrong answers. We are looking for applicants who can demonstrate their capacity and commitment to study through self-reflection, creativity and independent thinking.

If you do not satisfy the academic cut-off requirements or do not have the subject pre-requisites for entry, the Griffith Personal Statement may offer an alternative pathway into a number of undergraduate degrees including:

  • Bachelor of Applied Information Technology
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Asian Studies
  • Bachelor of Business
  • Bachelor of Child and Family Studies
  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • Bachelor of Environmental Science
  • Bachelor of Government and International Relations
  • Bachelor of Health Science
  • Bachelor of Human Services
  • Bachelor of Information Technology
  • Bachelor of International Business
  • Bachelor of Journalism
  • Bachelor of Psychological Science
  • Bachelor of Public Relations and Communication
  • Bachelor of Science
  • Bachelor of Urban and Environmental Planning

Please note this is a mature-age entry pathway and not available to year 12 school leavers.

Want to know more? For further information about the Griffith Personal Statement, please contact us on 1800 677 728.