Bridging and preparatory programs

Griffith University offer a number of bridging courses to prospective and commencing students. These courses are particularly useful for students who have no or limited prior studies in the study areas, have had a significant break from prior studies or who simply wish to have a refresher course in a particular field. Selecting bridging programs or courses to provide entry rank can vary depending on your level of prior study and your level of comfort at the study level.

These programs can provide you with the necessary study to:

  • meet prerequisite requirements for entry into your degree
  • provide you with an entry rank for entry into your degree
  • brush up on your knowledge or skills
  • provide a foundation for your university study
  • combination of the above.

Bridging and preparatory programs

Griffith Sciences group is committed to engaging with the community to encourage a passion for the sciences, and offers a number of preparatory courses to prospective and commencing students to assist with university study.

Griffith Sciences offer:

  • self-paced bridging courses to meet prerequisite requirements in Mathematics A and B
  • short courses in Mathematics and Chemistry that are designed to prepare students for university level study, but do not meet prerequisite requirements.

Please refer to Griffith Sciences bridging course and short courses for further information.

Meeting prerequisites and Assumed Knowledge

If you do not meet Prerequisites or Assumed Knowledge in the traditionally manner through your senior studies, then there are a range of alternate ways that you can meet these requirements. The Assumed Knowledge website has been set up to provide you with options that meet our Prerequisite requirements and recommended pathways for providing Assumed prior knowledge.

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Griffith University Preparation Program GUPP

Griffith University offers a tertiary enabling program based at the Logan campus. This program is designed to provide a pathway for those who wish to undertake university study but lack the formal qualification required for entry to an undergraduate degree.

Students who complete the program will be well prepared to embark on further study, and be more competitive in gaining entry to undergraduate studies at Griffith University. To find out more visit Griffith University Preparation Program.

Certificate IV in Adult Tertiary Preparation (CATP)

This qualification is for adults wanting to return to study, particularly if some time has elapsed since they last studied. Students are trained in the knowledge and skills needed for successful tertiary study and be able to acquire necessary prerequisites for specific University programs. If you complete the full Certificate IV in Adult Tertiary Preparation (CATP) at a Queensland TAFE Institute are guaranteed a place in a range of Griffith University programs. You can also complete specific components of the CATP to meet Subject Prerequisite for admission into your intended degree.

The Certificate IV in Adult Tertiary Preparation (39260QLD and 10397NAT) delivered by TAFE Queensland and private providers is designed to provide a mode of access to tertiary institutions for adult learners, independent of the senior secondary school system.

Eligibility for admission to your program of choice is determined when you have the competitive Admission rank for entry and have met any other requirements, such as subject prerequisites.

If you intend on undertaking the certificate to provide you with a rank, then refer to the Completed and Partial Completion of Adult Tertiary Preparation schedules below to give you an idea of the amount of study and what you need to achieve to gain the admission rank you require.

To apply for direct admission to Griffith University after completion of the Certificate IV in Adult Tertiary Preparation (392560QLD or 10397NAT), please submit an Application for Direct Admission after completing the Cert IV in Adult Tertiary Preparation/Cert IV in Tertiary Preparation.

Other Providers

There is a range of bridging and preparatory programs offered by Australian universities and private institutions which are recognised by Griffith University for admission and/or prerequisite purposes.  For more information, please contact us (Ask Us).

If you require further information on pathways to tertiary study, please contact our Future Students Team on 1800 677 728 or email

For more information please contact the Admissions Team on 1800 677 728.