Improve your opportunity to gain a place in your preferred program

Bridging, preparatory and pathway programs are available to help you upgrade to your preferred Griffith undergraduate program or to satisfy subject prerequisites.

How to apply

I'm OP eligible. What are my options?

You may be able to upgrade your admissions rank by undertaking studies in an alternative program.

OP eligible
OP ineligible

I'm OP ineligible. What are my options?

Undertaking a Preparatory Program will assist you to be more competitive in gaining entry to your preferred undergraduate program.

What is the difference between a bridging course and preparatory program?

Preparatory Programs provides a pathway if you wish to undertake university study but lack the formal qualification required for entry to an undergraduate program. Upon successful completion of the preparatory programs you will be well prepared to embark on further study and receive a competitive admission rank.

If you have not studied prerequisite subjects (English, Maths B or Science), a bridging course can provide you with the opportunity bridge the gap between your levels of knowledge that is required to meet the subject prerequisite.

Admission ranks can be awarded for your senior secondary study, tertiary or other qualifications. If you have more than one admission rank these will be assessed in order from highest to lowest.

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What are my pathways options?

There are a number of opportunities to access pathway and preparation programs for applicants who have not met the entry requirements from their high school study. These options can help you upgrade to your preferred undergraduate program or to satisfy subject prerequisites.

Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT)

The STAT is a two-hour multiple choice exam. Non-current school-leavers 18 years or over can sit this exam and gain a rank towards admission into most Griffith programs. A high score in STAT may also meet the English subject prerequisite for some programs.

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Single Course of Study at Griffith

Successfully completing a minimum of two single courses (subjects) of study can provide you with a rank for entry into an undergraduate program and meets the English subject prerequisite.

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Meeting subject prerequisities

If you have not met your prerequisite requirements via your secondary studies, Griffith accepts a range of alternative ways to meet subject prerequisite or assumed prior knowledge requirements.

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Certificate IV in Adult Tertiary Preparation (CATP)

Successful completion of the full certificate from an approved institution guarantees a place in a range of Griffith programs. You may undertake specific modules to meet subject prerequisite requirements. A minimum rank is available for two or more successfully completed modules.

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