GUESTS At-school

Experience Griffith University while finishing high school

GUESTS At-school is an excellent opportunity for high-achieving senior high school students to experience Griffith University by completing up to two courses (subjects) while completing Years 11 and 12. With study options in the sciences and health, courses align with the senior school syllabus and can provide academic credit toward related Griffith degrees. High schools sign up to participate in these GUESTS At-school courses, so please check with your Guidance Officer to see if they are available for your school.

Program benefits

Build skills and confidence

Gain academic credit*

Receive recognition on your QCE

Receive two bonus entry ranks*

No course fee

After successful completion of your course, you will be

  • awarded with a formal Certificate of Completion by Griffith University*
  • eligible for credit for a first-year course (subject) at Griffith University (up to 20 credit points)*
  • eligible for two bonus ranks when applying for entry into eligible Griffith undergraduate degrees.

How will I learn?

For most courses, you will study the course content over two years. The majority of the coursework is taught at your high school or through online modules. You may be required to attend on-campus experience days and exams as part of your program.

High school student

Support to achieve your goals

At Griffith, we are here to help you succeed. As a current student, you will have access to the following services and resources:

  • libraries and online research databases
  • support across welfare, counselling, health and disability services
  • workshops on academic writing, computer and library research skills
  • career and employment services, including resume writing workshops.
High school student

When can I apply?

Most courses begin at the start of Year 11, but some can begin in Year 12. You will study throughout your high school terms. You can access the application forms for each individual GUESTS At-school course from the links under ‘What can I study?’


You are eligible for a GUESTS At-school course if you:

  • are an OP, ATAR or Diploma of the International Baccalaureate student
  • are studying subject prerequisites for the degree
  • are a high-achieving student
  • have approval from your school and parents or guardian.


Over 600 scholarships available

Things to keep in mind


Your tuition fee is complimentary. However, the program may charge a small administration fee for learning equipment provided during the course. You will need to meet your personal study costs for items such as textbooks, stationery and photocopying.

*Bonus ranks

Bonus ranks do not apply to the Bachelor of Medical Science (MD Provisional Entry for school leavers) and the Bachelor of Dental Health Science. The maximum bonus admission ranks that you can receive under all schemes are capped at eight. For further information refer to the Year 12 Subject Bonus Scheme.

Students completing the Queensland Certificate of Education

Griffith University is required to report GUESTS' enrolment and grades to the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority for recording on the Queensland Certificate of Education. Your GUESTS course will be recorded as two credits of Advanced courses of study; it does not count towards your OP. GUESTS student enrolments will be reported to the QCAA after the census date. Each course has a designated census date, which is published in the academic calendar and is normally week four of your university course. If you decide to withdraw from your course after the census date, you will receive a grade of W or WF on both your academic record and your Queensland Certificate of Education. A second report will be provided to the QCAA after results are released.

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