Study at Griffith while you finish high school and gain credit toward a degree

Our Griffith University Early Start to Tertiary Studies program is designed to give you the opportunity to study a single course (subject) at Griffith while completing your high school studies. The program lets you sample university life at Griffith, learn from industry leaders and stretch your academic boundaries. You can also receive guaranteed entry to Griffith as well as credit for any courses you successfully complete. If you are a high-achieving student who is looking to challenge yourself, why not consider enrolling in a GUESTS on-campus or Online course?


Build skills and confidence

Gain academic credit*

Receive recognition on your QCE

Obtain guaranteed entry to Griffith*

Receive 2 bonus entry ranks*

No course fee

After successful completion of your course, you will be:
  • awarded with a formal Certificate of Completion by Griffith University*
  • eligible for credit for a first-semester, first-year course at Griffith University (up to 20 credit points)*
  • eligible for a guaranteed offer into specified Griffith University degrees*
  • eligible for two bonus ranks when applying for entry into eligible Griffith undergraduate degrees.

Choose a course to suit you

As a GUESTS student, there are a variety of courses for you to choose from either on-campus or online. You can study one course per trimester (maximum of two courses or 20 credit points in total).

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How will I learn?

You will learn through on-campus tutorials, workshops, lectures and group assignments. Your projects and classes will have you researching, investigating, critically analysing and writing effectively. To successfully complete a 10 credit point course, you will need to attend approximately two to four hours of lectures and tutorials each week. This commitment is required in addition to your full-time Year 12 study load.

High school student

Support to achieve your goals

At Griffith, we are here to help you succeed. As a GUESTS student, you will have access to the following services and resources:

  • libraries and online research databases
  • support across welfare, counselling, health and disability services
  • workshops on academic writing, computer and library research skills and resume writing
  • career and employment services, including resume writing workshops.
High school student

When can I study?

Summer Semester (2016 only)

Year 11 students only

November – December

January – February

(two summer semesters)

Apply by 15 October

Trimester 1, 2017

Year 12 students only

27 February – 26 May

Apply by 30 October

Trimester 2, 2017

Year 11 and 12 students

3 July – 22 September

Apply by 30 May

Trimester 3, 2017

Year 11 students only

30 October – 2 February

Apply by 1 October


You are eligible to apply for a GUESTS course if you are:

  • an OP, ATAR or Diploma of the International Baccalaureate eligible student
  • studying subject prerequisites for the degree
  • a high-achieving student
  • have the approval from your school and parents or guardian.

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Contact us

If you have any questions regarding GUESTS, we’d love to hear from you.

1800 677 728


Over 400 scholarships available

Things to keep in mind


As a GUESTS student, you won’t need to pay any tuition fees. However, you will need to meet your personal study costs for things including textbooks, stationery and photocopying.

*Bonus ranks

Bonus ranks do not apply to the Bachelor of Medical Science (MD provisional entry for school‐leavers) and the Bachelor of Oral Health in Dental Science. For further information refer to the Griffith University Year 12 Bonus Admission Scheme.

Students completing the Queensland Certificate of Education

Griffith University is required to report GUESTS' enrolment and grades to the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority for recording on the Queensland Certificate of Education. Your GUESTS course will be recorded as two credits of Advanced courses of study; it does not count towards your OP. GUESTS student enrolments will be reported to the QCAA after the census date. Each course has a designated census date, which is published in the academic calendar and is normally week four of your university course. If you decide to withdraw from your course after the census date, you will receive a grade of W or WF on both your academic record and your Queensland Certificate of Education. A second report will be provided to the QCAA after results are released.

Guaranteed admission

Students who successfully complete their GUESTS course with a grade of pass or better, will be eligible to apply for guaranteed admission to an undergraduate program at Griffith University for commencement in the following year. Students must maintain their OP, ATAR or Diploma of the International Baccalaureate eligibility requirements as well as any entry requirements including subject prerequisites of their preferred program.

The following programs are excluded from guaranteed admission for students participating in GUESTS and other Guaranteed Admissions Schemes.

  • Bachelor of Biomedical Science with Honours (alternative option available, Bachelor of Biomedical Science)
  • Bachelor of Contemporary Australian Indigenous Art (alternative option available, Bachelor of Fine Art)
  • Bachelor of Education (alternative option available, Bachelor of Arts)
  • Bachelor of Exercise Science/Master of Physiotherapy (alternative option available, Bachelor of Exercise Science)
  • Bachelor of Medical Science (MD provisional entry for school‐leavers)(alternative option available, Bachelor of Biomedical Science)
  • Bachelor of Midwifery (alternative option available, Bachelor of Nursing)
  • Bachelor of Music (alternative option available, Bachelor of Public Relations and Communications)
  • Bachelor of Music Technology (alternative option available, Bachelor of Public Relations and Communications)
  • Bachelor of Musical Theatre (alternative option available, Bachelor of Public Relations and Communications)
  • Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics (alternative option available, Bachelor of Biomedical Science)
  • Bachelor of Oral Health in Dental Science (alternative option available, Bachelor of Biomedical Science)
  • Bachelor of Paramedicine (alternative option available, Bachelor of Biomedical Science)
  • Bachelor of Popular Music (alternative option available, Bachelor of Public Relations and Communications)

Note: Credit may not map directly to the alternative guaranteed admission program. For more information on credit eligibility, please contact

Students may still apply to undertake a course in the programs listed above, but will not receive guaranteed admission.

  • Graduate entry programs*
  • Graduate Diploma or Master pathway programs*
*Students may not apply to undertake a course in the two programs listed above and therefore will not receive guaranteed admission into these programs.

Key dates

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Monday 27 February — Friday 26 May

Trimester 1

From 2017, we’ll be teaching across three trimesters, rather than two semesters, with our first trimester kicking off on Monday 27 February.

Monday 3 July — Friday 22 September

Trimester 2

Our second teaching trimester for 2017 runs from Monday 3 July to Friday 22 September.

Monday 30 October — Friday 2 February

Trimester 3

Our third teaching trimester runs from Monday 30 October 2017 to Friday 2 February 2018.