Easy access to your credentials

Digital badges you have earned for courses and qualifications that attract credit, can be stored in a free and secure VeriSkills account and easily accessed through the VeriSkills website on any device. Your digital badge is provided to VeriSkills directly by the institution that awarded the credential, with your consent.

You can have multiple credentials held in the same VeriSkills account and can share them with prospective employers or other education providers. Share the link displayed in your digital badge and employers can verify through VeriSkills that the credential is genuine.

The VeriSkills account is yours, for free, for life, to share with others or just keep for your own future reference.

Create a VeriSkills account

If you would like to use this free service, Griffith University will provide VeriSkills with your Griffith Credential information (digital badge). Please enter your details in the form below to submit your consent. You can then go to the VeriSkills website and create an account, download VeriSkills onto your device, and share your credentials.

VeriSkills was developed by the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre Limited (QTAC), which is an educational charity owned by the public universities in Queensland.

Consent to upload your digital badge to VeriSkills