Private providers

Griffith University has close relationships with TAFE and private providers. This section provides information on partnership schemes, TAFE qualifications and partner programs that provide an excellent pathway into Griffith University.

Diploma and Advanced Diplomas

Successful completion of a minimum of one year of full-time study or its part-time equivalent of a Diploma/Advanced Diploma in an approved private college may improve your chances of gaining entry into your preferred undergraduate program.

For a completed competency-based AQF Diploma, Griffith University will award an admission rank of 82 and 91 for a completed competency-based AQF Advanced Diploma.

If you have attempted less than a year of study you may be considered for admission.

The Graded Advanced Diploma and Graded Diploma schedules provide an indication of the results you will need to achieve in order to gain admission.

VET Certificates

Vocational Education and Training qualifications include Certificates I to IV are offered at TAFE institutes and through Registered Private Providers. Certificates I and II are not assessed for university entrance.

VET qualifications are assessed under a competency-based system using grades of 'Competent' and 'Not Yet Competent' or graded assessment. Some VET providers may also use Performance Level Assessment.

Please refer to the relevant schedule below to assist you with determining your rank.