High school students—GUESTS

Find out how to Apply for credit

Griffith University awards credit into a range of undergraduate degree programs for studies completed in a GUESTS Program. You must achieve a passing grade in the GUESTS Program course/s. The amount of credit awarded will be determined based upon the course/s studied and the Griffith undergraduate degree you has been admitted to.

This credit will allow you to reduce your University workload and fees in a trimester.

You can apply for credit only after receiving your 'Starting@Griffith' email.

Application guide

Follow our step-by-step application for credit guide for GUESTS

Credit towards Griffith University courses for GUESTS

GUESTS At-School

GUESTS At-School ProgramCourse 2021 Griffith Undergraduate Course Equivalent
Griffith Biology 1002HLS_Y1 Griffith Biology + 1002HSL_Y2 Griffith Biology

OR 1102HLS Biology

10 credit point Level 1 Free-choice elective
Griffith Chem 1001ENV_Y1 Griffith Chem + 1000ENV_Y2 Griffith Chem 1021SCG Chemistry 1A OR 1023SCG Chemistry 1 OR 1001MSC Chemistry of Biological Systems I
Griffith Exercise Science 1001HLS_Y1 Griffith Exercise and Sports Science + 1001HLS_Y2 Griffith Exercise and Sports Science

OR 1100HLS Exercise and Sports Science

1001AHS Foundations of Exercise and Sports Science
Griffith Eng 1000ENG Griffith Eng 1701ENG Creative Engineering
Griffith Health 1003HLS_Y1 Griffith Health - Health Promotion + 1003HLS_Y2 Griffith Health - Health Promotion

OR 1103HLS Health

1977MED Introduction to Health Promotion
Griffith Phys 1306NSC_Y1 Griffith Phys + 1306NSC_Y2 Griffith Phys 1031SCG Physics 1A OR 1018ENG Engineering Science
Griffith Psychology 1004HLS_Y1 Griffith Psychology + 1004HLS_Y2 Griffith Psychology

OR 1104HLS Psychology

1001PSY Introduction to Psychology 1

GUESTS On-campus and Online

Courses developed specifically for GUESTS only are listed below. Refer to the Another program at Griffith section of the Credit Precedent Database for all other courses.

Study areaCourse 2020/2021 Griffith Undergraduate Course Equivalent
Business 1002EHR_Y1 Organisations, People and Employability + 1002EHR_Y2 Organisations, People and Employability 1001EHR Work and Employability OR 1007GBS The Future of Work
Business 1104GBS_Y1 The Purpose of Business 1 + 1104GBS_Y2 The Purpose of Business 2 1004GBS The Purpose of Business