High school students—GUESTS

Find out how to Apply for credit

Griffith University awards credit into a range of undergraduate degree programs for studies completed in a GUESTS Program. You must achieve a passing grade in the GUESTS Program course/s. The amount of credit awarded will be determined based upon the course/s studied and the Griffith undergraduate degree you has been admitted to.

This credit will allow you to reduce your University workload and fees in a trimester.

You can apply for credit only after receiving your 'Starting@Griffith' email.

Application guide

Follow our step-by-step application for credit guide for GUESTS

Credit towards Griffith University courses for GUESTS At-School studies

The amount of credit will be determined based upon the GUESTS At-School course/s studied and the Griffith undergraduate degree program the student has been admitted to.

GUESTS At-School ProgramCourse 2020 Griffith Undergraduate Course Equivalent
Griffith Biology1002HLS_Y1 Griffith Biology + 1002HSL_Y2 Griffith Biology10 credit point Level 1 Free-choice elective
Griffith Business1002EHR_Y1 + 1002EHR_Y21001EHR Work and Employability
Griffith Chem1001ENV_Y1 Griffith Chem + 1000ENV_Y2 Griffith Chem1021SCG Chemistry 1A OR 1023SCG Chemistry 1 OR 1001MSC Chemistry of Biological Systems I
Griffith Exercise Science1001HLS_Y1 Griffith Exercise and Sports Science + 1001HLS_Y2 Griffith Exercise and Sports Science1001AHS Foundations of Exercise and Sports Science
Griffith Eng1000ENG Griffith Eng1701ENG Creative Engineering
Griffith Health 1003HLS_Y1 Griffith Health - Health Promotion + 1003HLS_Y2 Griffith Health - Health Promotion 1977MED Introduction to Health Promotion
Griffith Phys 1306NSC_Y1 Griffith Phys + 1306NSC_Y2 Griffith Phys 1031SCG Physics 1A OR 1018ENG Engineering Science