Credit for prior learning and articulation

Apply for credit for prior learning

Credit for prior learning may reduce the time it will take to complete your program. The University may grant credit for:

  • Formal study that takes place through a structured program of learning that leads to the full or partial achievement of an officially accredited qualification. Examples include: Study undertaken with other Australian Higher Education providers and/or study at recognised overseas institutions; Credentialed programs provided by recognised professional bodies, employers and other authorities.
  • Non-formal learning that takes place through a structured program of learning but does not lead to an officially accredited qualification. An example is: Learning and training activities undertaken in the workplace, voluntary sector or in community-based settings.
  • Informal learning which is gained through work, social, family, hobby or leisure activities and experience. Informal learning is not organised or externally structured in terms of objectives, time or learning support.
  • Pathways which are approved with other institutions via an articulation agreement which is an agreement between Griffith and another institution to document and publicise a specifically approved pathway for progression between a program at the other institution and a Griffith award program, involving specific credit arrangements.

For more information, refer to the Credit for Prior Learning Policy (PDF 269k).

Pathways with Credit Calculator

The Pathways with Credit Calculator is a list of all pre-approved Griffith University pathways based on formal arrangements with the other Institution. You can check approved pathways via the calculator to get results for maximum credit transfer.

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Credit Precedent Database

Griffith's innovative Credit Precedent Database allows you to find out what credit decisions have been made in the past. These precedents will give you an idea of what you can expect.

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Credit awarded

Once your application has been processed you will be notified via your Griffith student email address. Your award of credit can be viewed on your Unofficial Transcript or the Transfer Credit Report available from myGriffith.

The credit for prior learning policy allows for up to two-thirds credit towards a Bachelor degree depending on the nature of the previous study, but notwithstanding the amount of credit awarded, a student is required to complete a minimum amount of study at Griffith University.

Credit may be awarded as advanced standing, unspecified credit, specified credit or provisional credit. Refer to the Credit for Prior Learning Policy (PDF 269k) for descriptions of these terms.

Informal and/or non-formal learning

The Learning Profile is a statement of an applicant’s achievements of learning outcomes, knowledge, skills and competencies, supported by appropriate evidence, relevant to the particular program for which advanced standing or transfer is requested or for specific course/s for which credit is sought. The Learning Profile forms part of the Online Credit for Prior Learning Application.

In order to obtain credit for a Griffith course, you must demonstrate that you have achieved the course (specified course) or program (unspecified/elective) learning outcomes. A close match with the aims, objectives and learning activities for the course/program for which recognition is sought is required.

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Information for institutions

Educational institutions wishing to have credit articulation arrangements approved with Griffith University may do so by lodging an:

All articulation arrangements are listed in the University's Credit Precedent Database.

Any enquiries should be directed to the Manager, Academic Credit Transfer by emailing

Important dates

Applications for credit may be lodged at any time. However, it is far better to have your credit determined prior to the commencement of trimester as it may impact on which courses you enrol in.

Date Action
31 January Final day for credit applications to be lodged to guarantee a decision prior to Trimester 1.
31 May Final day for credit applications to be lodged to guarantee a decision prior to Trimester 2.
30 September Final day for credit applications to be lodged to guarantee a decision prior to Trimester 3.

For credit enquiries, please email

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