Assumed prior knowledge

To enable you to successfully complete first year of some Griffith degrees, it is assumed that through your secondary school or equivalent studies you will have achieved a minimum level of knowledge in certain subjects. If you haven’t completed these subjects, or don’t have the recommended level of prior knowledge, you will still be made an offer to enrol in the degree. However, you may find your university study easier if you have an understanding of the subjects. If you want to gain this knowledge, you may decide to take one of our bridging, preparatory, or introductory courses.

Getting started

What is the assumed prior knowledge for my degree?

Some degrees recommend you have foundational knowledge in one or more of the following Queensland Year 12 subjects: Maths (A, B or C); Physics, Chemistry or Biology. If you want to know the content of each of these subjects, please visit Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority.

If you are intending to apply to study a degree that has assumed knowledge and you didn’t study those subjects, our listing of equivalent subjects includes information on related bridging and preparatory courses.

How much knowledge is enough?

For each subject, you will have achieved a recommended level of knowledge if you have successfully completed four semesters at secondary school (Years 11 and 12) with at least a Sound Achievement. This will be shown in admission criteria as (4, SA).

Assumed knowledge equivalent subjects

If you didn’t complete Year 12 in Queensland, our listing of assumed knowledge equivalent subjects will help you see how your studies match up. If you have completed other studies or work that you think might meet the requirements, contact our admissions team on 1800 677 728.

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