Staff Giving Program

Help students facing hardship continue their studies. Will you give a little bit each fortnight and join us?


Giving a little bit each fortnight makes an impact on our students

As a Staff Giving community, we've been growing our impact on the lives of many disadvantaged students. It's about getting involved, not the size of your fortnightly contribution that's important. Giving a little bit each fortnight through Payroll, when combined with other staff members, creates an impact. Look what we've achieved so far!

Rebecca Seymour
Mrs Rebecca Seymour
Nathan campus

“It was a no brainer to join the program.

You can give as little or as much as you want. Even a couple of dollars a week makes an impact to the students.”

Dr Naveen Sharma Nathan campus

“Often it is only a small amount of assistance that allows students to overcome obstacles and succeed in their studies.”


Renee Briggs

“Without this scholarship support, the simple fact is that I am not at University. I don’t take this generosity lightly. I plan to pay it forward.”

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Clinton Tran

"I’m really grateful to all the donors. I had been struggling financially and if it wasn’t for them a lot of students who are struggling wouldn’t be at university.”

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One Griffith Futures Scholarship, provides $5,000 each to help our most needy students.

Payroll donations are deducted from your fortnightly pay using your pre-tax salary, removing the need to collect receipts.


100% of your donation goes directly to students as the University absorbs all administration costs.


Griffith University will match your donation dollar for dollar.


If you have any questions about Staff Giving, please get in touch