Experience Australian culture and live in an Australian family home while studying at Griffith

Living with a Homestay host family, you’ll be provided with a fully furnished bedroom, have access to laundry facilities and meals, and be close to public transport. Interacting with your hosts, you can also boost your English language skills and make lifelong friends.

What to expect


Fully Furnished Room

Safe Environment

Close to public transport

English language assistance

Fees and charges

Homestay options and fees

Underage students

If you're an underage international student, the University is responsible for your welfare and you must remain in Griffith University-approved accommodation until you turn 18. Your safety is our utmost priority and support will be available to you 24/7.

Homestay families

Homestay families will vary. These Australian families can have a mother, father and children, whereas others might be a mother and a child or a couple with no children. Some families may live with extended family members such as grandparents. These families may have pets such as dogs and cats.

All host families speak English, are culturally sensitive to your needs and have agreed to abide by a code of conduct. All Homestay houses have been inspected by Griffith University staff which guarantees appropriate living conditions for you.

Special Requirements

Every effort will be made to meet your Homestay needs, including special dietary, religious or medical requirements. Please contact us if you:

  • have health requirements, special medications or disabilities requiring certain facilities or services
  • do not wish to live with pets or children
  • are a smoker
  • have special religious requirements.

A weekly surcharge of $35 caters for students requesting special diets such as Halal, vegetarian and vegan, or who have medical or religious food requirements.

Students can expect to pay for internet, heating & air conditioning for an additional cost.


Find the resources you need to learn more about the Homestay experience as a student or a host, or apply to be part of the program.

Airport reception

A service which takes you from the airport directly to your Australian accommodation

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