Homestay Accommodation fees and charges

Homestay Accommodation is for a minimum of four weeks. Students are required to pay their host four weeks Homestay fees on arrival. These fees are non-refundable.

2020 and 2021 Homestay Placement

Homestay Placement Fee

Fee includes: Application processing and administration recruitment and training of the host, placement of the student and 24-hour support, placement management

Homestay Options Over 18s PricingUnder 18s Pricing**

Option 1

Fully catered Homestay Accommodation
(Three meals daily, breakfast, lunch and dinner)

$300 / week* $310 / week*

Option 2

Self-catered Homestay Accommodation

$215 / week This option is not available for Under Age students

Options 3

Semi-catered Homestay Accommodation
(Two meals Monday – Friday, plus three meals on weekends)

$285 / week* $290 / week*

*Additional $35 / week surcharge for special dietary requirements.

**Underage students are required to stay in Homestay accommodation until they turn 18.

Students can expect to pay for internet, heating and air conditioning for an additional cost.


During holiday periods of more than 2 weeks, students must pay 50% of the Homestay fee to the Host to either store personal items or secure the room. This is negotiable between the Host and student. During holiday periods for less than 2 weeks, the student must pay the regular Homestay fees.

Homestay Terms and Conditions

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