Student Academic Misconduct Policy

This policy sets out the principles and processes for dealing with academic misconduct and applies to students studying   non-award, undergraduate and postgraduate coursework programs

Institutional Framework for Promoting Academic Integrity among Students

This document provides a University-wide framework for promoting the core values of student academic integrity  -honesty, trust, fairness, respect and responsibility.

Related Student Policies

Student Charter

The Student Charter helps you to be your best by stating what you can expect as a Griffith student and what the University expects of you.

Assessment Policy

This policy specifies the University's assessment philosophy and the general principles that guide the University's assessment practices in all courses.

Assessment submission and return procedures

This procedure sets out the methods available to students enrolled at Griffith University to submit their assessment items and available to examiners for the return of assessment items.

Assessment types in use at Griffith University

This schedule has been developed to ensure Course Convenors clearly communicate to students the nature of the assessment tasks in a consistent manner in Course Profiles and on assessment task sheets.

Student Review and Appeals Policy

This policy and the Student Review and Appeals Procedures provide the mechanism for a student to request a review of and/or appeal a decision of the University which has not been made in accordance with the expectations set down in the Student Charter or the University's policies and procedures.

Student Review and Appeals Procedure

These procedures support the Student Review and Appeals Policy.

Academic Misconduct Policy – HDR candidates

This policy outlines the core values of academic integrity (honesty, trust, fairness, respect and responsibility) and identifies conduct that is contrary to these standards, and defines that conduct as "academic misconduct".

Ethics, Integrity and compliance

Ensure your research meets our stringent ethical standards and find out more about biosafety and research integrity.

Copyright Matters

It is University policy to comply with copyright law. Griffith staff and students will find information on their copyright co