(Governor-in-Council member - from November 2008)

Ann has worked for 38 years as an Approved Provider under the Commonwealth Health Department, operating in the Aged Care Industry, Victoria, South Australia and Gold Coast.  Currently, Ann is the owner-operator of a 52 bed Aged Care Hostel Nursing Home.

Activities included developing land sites; constructing and operating nursing centres; and constructing a community of villas/houses as independent living quarters around the nursing centres.

Ann is CEO and proprietor of Hurljoe Pty Ltd, a management company with ownership and conduct of storage and security facilities.  In addition, Ann is a member of the Griffith University Council, Griffith University Gold Coast Advisory Council and Chair of Leading Age Services Australia (LASA) Queensland, Gold Coast and Southern Region.

Ann was Chair of registered charity Paradise Kids Gold Coast and Hopewell Hospice Services Inc, from June 2012 to 2018.

Ann was also Chair, Bank of Bendigo Community Bank, retiring from this position after thirteen years in February 2013.