The Griffith University Act 1998 [the Act] establishes the Council of Griffith University as the University’s governing body. The functions and powers of Council are conferred under the Act.

Council has overall responsibility to provide leadership, good governance and oversight of the University. Council approves the University’s strategic direction, monitors the University’s progress, and approves the University’s budget, policies and delegations of authority. Through its strategic oversight, Council ensures the effective overall management of the University. Council members ensure that Council performs its functions and exercises its powers appropriately, effectively and efficiently.

Council utilises a system of delegations and reporting to ensure accountability of its ultimate governance responsibilities. Section 11 of the Act provides that Council may delegate certain of its powers to:

  • an appropriately qualified member of the Council
  • an appropriately qualified committee that includes one or more members of the Council
  • an appropriately qualified member of the University’s staff

University committees reporting directly to Council are depicted in the Council and Committees chart which includes links to individual committee websites. The three key Committees of Council are the Academic Committee, the Finance, Resources and Risk Committee and the Audit Committee.

The constitutions of key committees and sub-committees detail the committee’s role, functions, delegated authorities and membership as delegated by Council.

Council and its Committees


Mr Henry Smerdon AM DUniv

The Chancellor serves as the titular head of the University, presiding over all major ceremonies.

Mr Henry Smerdon AM DUniv is the University’s fifth Chancellor and is chair of a number of key University committees.

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Council News 7-2020 (December)

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