Griffith University’s Publication Scheme is established under section 21 of the Right to Information Act 2009. The scheme describes and categorises information routinely available from the University and has been developed to give the community greater access to information as part of the response to the review of the Freedom of Information laws.

Accessing this Information

Where possible these documents are available free of charge on the University’s website for downloading. If you are having difficulty accessing any of these documents, you may seek administrative access by contacting the Office of the Vice President (Corporate Services) on (07) 373 55586 or email

Our Publication Scheme

Information is grouped and accessible through seven classes:

  • About Us - This describes who we are and what we do
  • Our Services - This provides details of the services which we provide
  • Our Finances - This describes what we spend and how we spend it
  • Our Priorities - This describes what our priorities are and how we are doing
  • Our Decisions - This describes how we make decisions
  • Our Policies - This describes our internal policies and procedures
  • Our Lists - This contains details of our lists and registers

The University’s Publications Scheme does not include the following information:

  • Personal information
  • Information that could affect our commercial operations
  • Information which is archived, out of date or otherwise inaccessible; or
  • Information, the routine release of, which would be impractical or resource intensive.

Complaints and inquiries

Any inquiries about this publication scheme or complaints about the information contained in them should be made to Right to Information Services, Office of the Vice President (Corporate Services) on (07) 373 55586 or email

About us


The University’s history and its naming in honour of Sir Samuel Griffith Walker.

University Profile

The University’s profile and research and teaching strengths.

Organisational Information

Legal Framework


Location and Contact Details

Plans and Publications

The University's priorities and actions are available in its plans and publications.

Annual Report

The University's finances are outlined in the annual reports.

What’s New?

Our services

Griffith University provides a wide range of services locally, nationally and internationally to staff, students, and the wider community.

Our decisions

University Council

Griffith University is governed by an 18 person Council representing University and community interests. Council is led by the Chancellor and Deputy Chancellor, elected by the Council. The Griffith University Act 1998 grants University Council wide powers to appoint staff, manage and control University affairs and property, and manage and control finances to promote the University's interests.

Section 11 of the Griffith University Act 1998 states:

  1. The Council may delegate its powers under this Act to:
    • an appropriately qualified member of the council; or
    • an appropriately qualified committee that includes 1 or more members of the council; or
    • an appropriately qualified member of the university’s staff.
    • to make university statutes or rules; or
    • to adopt the university’s annual budget; or
    • to approve spending of funds available to the university by way of bequest, donation or special grant
  2. However, the Council may not delegate its power

Vice President (Corporate Services)

The Vice President (Corporate Services) is the Chief Operating Officer of the University and is responsible for co-ordinating the University's financial, physical, human, legal, management information, corporate operations, and occupational health and safety services. The role is the key advisor to Council on governance and other matters, acts as the University Secretary and is the Public Officer for the University.

Areas under direct management include: Office of Human Resource Management (including Occupational Health and Safety), Office of Finance, Analytics, Planning and Data, Campus Life, Legal Services and Audit, Risk and Compliance.

        Vice Chancellor

        The Vice Chancellor is the University's chief executive officer and responsible to the Council for the overall direction of strategic planning, finance and external affairs.

        University Executive

        The Vice Chancellor is supported by an Executive to whom most of the University's organisational units report.

        Academic Committee

        The Academic Committee is the University's senior academic body. The Committee formulates policy on academic matters including new programs, teaching, learning and assessment, research, promotions, student academic matters, prizes and scholarships.


        Committees are the engine rooms which drive much of the University’s policy and administrative work.

          Our lists

          This section contains details of lists and registers maintained by Griffith University:

          Disclosure Log

          Asset Register

          Online Verification of Qualifications

          Policy Library