Organisational Chart

The University's structure is depicted in the Organisational Chart.

Organisational Chart


  • Chancellor [2015 - ]
  • Deputy Chancellor [2000-2015]
  • Governor-in-Council appointee [since 1997]

Mr Henry Smerdon AM DUniv

The Chancellor serves as the titular head of the University, presiding over all major ceremonies.

Mr Henry Smerdon AM DUniv is the University’s fifth Chancellor and is Chair of a number of key University Committees.

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Members of the University Council


The Vice Chancellor and President is the Chief Executive Officer of the University and is responsible to the Council of the University.

Senior Officers

Pro Vice Chancellor (Arts, Education and Law)
Professor Paul Mazerolle
Dean (Academic)
Professor Ruth Bereson
Dean (Research)
Professor Gerry Docherty
Dean (Learning and Teaching)
Professor Robert Ellis
Heads of School
School of Criminology and Criminal Justice

Associate Professor Michael Townsley

School of Education and Professional Studies*

Professor Donna Pendergast

School of Humanities, Languages and Social Science

Professor James Carson

Griffith Law School*

Associate Professor Therese Wilson

Queensland College of Art
Associate Professor Derrick Cherrie
Head of School, Griffith Film School
Professor Herman Van Eyken
Queensland Conservatorium
Professor Scott Harrison

* Heads of School in certain Professional areas may be known as 'Dean' for the purposes of External representation, where there is a common practice of such titles being used.

Pro Vice Chancellor (Business)
Professor David Grant
Dean (Academic)
Professor Fabrizio Carmignani
Dean (Learning and Teaching)
Associate Professor Michelle Whitford (acting)
Dean (Research)
Professor Andrew O'Neil
Dean (Engagement)
Professor Anne Tiernan
Heads of Departments
Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics

Professor Mark Brimble

Department of Employment Relations and Human Resources

Professor Ruth McPhail

Department of International Business and Asian Studies

Professor Peter Tatham (acting)

Department of Marketing

Professor Scott Weaven

Department of Tourism, Sport and Hotel Management

Professor Graham Cuskelly

School of Government and International Relations

Associate Professor Robyn Hollander

Pro Vice Chancellor (Health)
Professor Sheena Reilly
Dean (Academic)
Professor Tony Perkins
Dean (Research)
Professor Bonnie Barber
Dean (Learning and Teaching)
Professor Nick Buys
Heads of School
School of Allied Health Sciences

Associate Professor Andrea Bialocerkowski

School of Applied Psychology

Professor David Neumann (acting)

School of Dentistry and Oral Health *

Professor Robert Love

School of Human Services and Social Work

Professor Donna McAuliffe

School of Medical Science

Professor Mark Forwood

School of Medicine*

Professor David Ellwood

School of Nursing and Midwifery

Professor Debra Anderson

School of Pharmacy and Pharmacology

Professor Andrew Davey

* Heads of School in certain Professional areas may be known as 'Dean' for the purposes of External representation, where there is a common practice of such titles being used.

Pro Vice Chancellor (Sciences)
Professor Andrew T Smith
Dean (Academic)
Professor Robert Sang
Dean (Learning and Teaching)
Associate Professor Fran Sheldon
Dean (Research)
Professor Rebecca Ford
Heads of School
School of Environment and Science

Professor George Mellick

School of Engineering and Built Environment

Professor Sherif Mohamed

School of Information and Communication Technology

Professor Bela Stantic

Vice President (Corporate Services)
Mr Peter Bryant
Chief Financial Officer
Ms Michelle Clarke
Chief Digital Officer
Mr Bruce Callow
Director, Campus Life
Ms Nicola Collier-Jackson
Director, Human Resources
Mr Ken Greedy
Director, Office of Planning Services
Ms Emma Liversidge
Director, Audit, Risk and Compliance
Mr Dhanesh Raniga
Head, Legal Services
Mr Ian Commins
Head, Corporate Governance
Ms Michele Britton

To the Senior Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research)

Dean (Griffith Graduate Research School)
Professor Sue Berners-Price
Dean (Research Infrastructure)
Professor Michele Burford
Director, Griffith Enterprise
Mr Nicholas Mathiou
Director, Office for Research
Professor Andrea Bishop

To the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic)

Dean (Learning Futures)
Professor Alf Lizzio
Academic Registrar
Ms Kathy Grgic
Academic Director, Griffith Online
Professor Nick Barter

To the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Engagement)

Director, Development and Alumni
Ms Gillian French
Director, Marketing and Communications
Mr Phillip Stork
Director, Centre for Interfaith and Cultural Dialogue
Dr Brian Adams
Academic Director
Professor Michael Powell
Dean (Indigenous Strategy and Education)
Director, GUMURRII Student Support Unit
Mr Shane Barnes
Editor, Griffith Review
Professor Julianne Schultz