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Question Answer
Title Dr.
First name Emily
Last name Ma
Element HSL, Nathan Campus
Phone 37356554
Special requirements
Staff number s2752577
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13 December 11.00am
13 December 3.00pm
13 December 7.00pm
14 Dec 11.00am
14 Dec 3.00pm
14 Dec 7.00pm
10 December 3.00pm
Mace bearer No
10 December 7.00pm
9 december 3.00pm
9 December 7.00pm
17 December 11.00am
17 December 3.00pm
17 December 7.00pm
18 Dec BNE Saturday 18th December 2010, Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, 11.00am
18 Dec BNE 3.00pm
18 Dec BNE 7.00pm
Dress I wish to be part of the dais and staff procession and will wear my own academic dress (this option is available to academic and general staff only)
Type PhD
cap size
Speed type
guest1 Susie Zhu
guest2 Binnie Fan
Number of guests 2
Privacy I have read and accept the conditions outlined in the <a href="">Privacy Plan</a>.<span class="required"> (required)</span>