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Life at university is about more than just study. International students choose Australia not only for the quality education, but for its superb subtropical climate, welcoming environment and mixture of natural wonders and vibrant city life. Spanning three major cities in Queensland (Gold Coast, Logan and Brisbane), our five Griffith campuses are perfectly situated with immediate access to some of the best shopping, multicultural dining and entertainment precincts in Australia.

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Travelling within Australia is easy between major capital cities. Brisbane is approximately a one-hour drive from the Gold Coast (78 km), with international airports located in both cities. Sydney is a short 1.5-hour flight from Brisbane (1,663 km and 10-hour drive), Melbourne is just over a two-hour flight from Brisbane (1,662.7 km and 18-hour drive). Perth is our most distant capital city, taking nearly six hours to fly there from Brisbane (4,311 km and 45 hours to drive).

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From our spectacular coastlines to our lush, heritage-listed rainforests and city hotspots, Brisbane, Logan and the Gold Coast have superb lifestyle advantages for international students.

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Multicultural dining

Year-round sunshine

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Student life

At Griffith, there are many ways to balance lifestyle and learning, and make like-minded friends along the way. Discover all Griffith has to offer aside from your studies, from eating to events, sport to support and everything in between.

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Culture and customs

Australia's multicultural society is reflected in almost every aspect of Australian life including food, art, sport, film, culture, fashion and music. More than 15% of Australians speak languages other than English at home, such as Arabic, Cantonese, Greek, Italian, Mandarin and Vietnamese.

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Moving to Australia

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Iconic destinations

Australia, and in particular Queensland, is home to some of the most treasured landmarks in the world. From the Great Barrier Reef to Uluru and the Sydney Opera House, Australia is renowned for its natural beauty and world-famous attractions.

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Cost of studying in Australia

Before you start your journey, you will need to add up the expenses involved in studying overseas, including the cost of living and tuition fees. You will also need to consider how you will finance your study in Australia.

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Health and safety

While Australia is a safe place to live and study, it is important to be aware of your personal safety and certain risks that do exist. Learn more about on-campus security, emergency contacts, beach safety and more.

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See what Griffith students have been up to with their time off.

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Things to know before moving

Read 15 helpful things you should know before moving to Australia.

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Plate of food with salad and BBQ'd meats

What to bring to a BBQ

Current student Hayley helps you prepare for the Australian institution know as the BBQ.

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Going barefoot in Australia

Learn everything you need to know about kicking off your shoes in Australia.

Barefoot in Australia

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Must-do night markets

Experience delicious food, live music and good vibes at various Brisbane and Gold Coast night markets.

Night sights

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What to order at an Australian cafe

The Australian coffee culture is very different to many other countries. Learn what to order at a cafe.

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Aussie slang – a pocket guide

Cross the language barrier with this breakdown of classic Australian words and phrases.

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