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How to Add Credit
On Campus    

Add credit to your account at any library cashier or through the self-service Red Kiosks located in each of the learning centres.    

Watch the instructional video for cashier kiosks here.

Off Campus    

Credit card transactions only. Contact toll free 1800 701 926 or +61 7 373 55555.

How to Check Your Balance

Check your print balance here.
To add copy/print credit to your account, find a Red Kiosk.

For a copy of your transactions, please email, state the duration required, and a copy will be sent to your email address.

How to Print
Using a common-use computer:   
  1. Send your print job to the printer server - be careful to choose either Black/White or Colour, and the right campus.
  2. All student printers are networked, so your print job will be available from any campus. Go to your nearest multi functional device (copy/print/scan).    
  3. Login with your student number/pin.    
  4. Choose the print job you wish to print.
  5. You will then be shown the total cost. Press the print button if you're happy to proceed. The cost will be debited from your account.
 Printing tips for common use computers      Click here for Wireless Printing 


How to Photocopy

Begin by entering your student number and 4 digit PIN.

  1. Place document on the left hand side of the glass        
  2. Press the 'copy' button        
  3. Press the 'clear modes' button        
  4. Enter desired quantity of copies        
  5. Select desired finishing options
  6. Press 'start'


This feature allows you to copy/print on both sides.

  1. Press the Dup/Combine/Series tab
  2. Select your desired 'Duplexing' position:

- 1 sided to 2 sided   

- 2 sided to 1 sided   

- 2 sided to 2 sided   

- combine pages   

User guide for photocopying

How to Scan

Begin scanning an item by entering your student number (without the 's') and 4 digit PIN.

1. Press scan

       Select 1 sided or 2 sided

       Select resolution (200, 300 or 400 dpi)

       Select image type (pdf, jpeg or tiff)

2. Press quick scan.

3. Press finish.

4. Press Logout.

How to Wireless-Print

Connect your laptop to the Griffith University wireless network, then click on the link below and follow the prompts. 

Use your student number, with the 's', and your print account PIN. You can upload PDF, Word, Excel or image files.

Note: Web Submit does not allow N-Up (multiple pages per sheet) printing or printing of selected pages. However the following links will allow you to create files that have multiple pages per sheet or selected pages.

How to print via Web Submit

Ensure your device is connected to the Griffith University Wireless network

  • Open the Web Submit web page:
  • Log in with your username and print account pin
  • Click Choose File
  • Browse to locate the document you wish to print
  • Click Upload
  • Click Next
  • Choose your Print Options
  • Click Next
  • Check Options
  • Click Print
How to reset my forgotten/locked PIN
Contact Library staff, who will reset your printing PIN.