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Aeronautica is the seminal publication of the International Academy of Aeronautics. It focuses on research undertaken by undergraduates, postgraduates and academic staff of degree conferring institutions within the Academy.

Dancecult is a peer-reviewed, open-access e-journal for the study of electronic dance music culture.

Griffith Asia Quarterly is the journal of the Griffith Asia Institute. It seeks to publish innovative, interdisciplinary research on key contemporary developments in the politics, economics, societies and cultures of Asia.

Journal of Social Inclusion contributes to current knowledge and understanding of social processes that marginalise individuals, families, groups and communities.

Pneumonia is an international, peer reviewed open access journal that publishes original research articles, case studies, reviews, commentaries, correspondence and highlights, news and activities on all aspects related to pneumonia.

The contemporary information landscape of higher education is characterised by ubiquitous, digitised online access to research and scholarship. In response to this challenge, we aim to extend the reach and impact of the University's research by making content freely available to a global audience.

Griffith University ePress seeks to publish high-quality research and scholarship produced by Griffith academics and to maximise its reach and impact to the global academic community.

A clarion call to debate notions of equality and struggles around power

Marginalised peoples with lives that are often socially, economically or emotionally precarious, hang in the balance as time-honoured perspectives around wel(fare), diversity, tolerance and development are up for grabs. Countries in the global South are influenced by political, social and ideological developments of other nations, especially those of G7 countries.

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