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The future of robotics

They’re already here - driving cars, vacuuming carpets, feeding hospital patients - and autonomous robots will be in our offices and homes within the next decade.

Clinton Raethel got the opportunity to work on these futuristic robots in Griffith University’s Machine Intelligence and Pattern Analysis Laboratory as part of his IAP project.

"I focused on beacon recognition in Nao Robots (nao being humanoid), to improve their localisation and spatial 'awareness'" said Clinton.

"I had the job to enable the robot to 'see' a beacon, recognise what colour combination it was, (pink/blue, orange/pink etc.) and determine its size in pixel space accurately in order for the Nao to be able to perform his task. Recognition of objects can be very complex for the robots".

Clinton's IAP supervisior Professor Vlad Estivill-Castro said the eventual aim was to develop these robots one day as human companions.

"We’re working on the artificial intelligence for them to learn how to help people. I want to make them friendlier to humans" Professor Estivill-Castro said. "Robots may be able to help people carry their shopping and entertain the sick or injured if they were lonely".

Clinton said he hoped to work with consumer electronics, designing mobile phones or home theater systems. "I'm also considering a position in the Navy, looking after ships’ communications and defence systems. I will see where my degree takes me" he said.

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