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Exploring and evolving the world of graffiti

Griffith University graduate Brad Schwede is taking graffiti to a new level but in a good way...

After completing his degree in multimedia, majoring in design at Griffith University, Brad has been working as a motion graphics designer in local and international television.

"I love my job as it allows me to combine a love of art and technology to create something interesting for my clients".

"I have also set up my own art practice Graffiti Technica taking technical skills that I have learnt from broadcast design and applying them to a new form of digital graffiti. I am extremely interested in pushing this style of art away from its negative connotations and taking it in a completely new direction".

"I was inspired to start Graffiti Technica when I started noticing modern industrial design that would look good as graffiti - mobile phones, game consoles, watches - all had modern angles and styles to them that I suited my designs" he said.

Brad said his degree at Griffith introduced him to the world of software and the skills that he needed to kickstart his career.

"It was hands-on with software that I am still using today and was a wide introduction to the general field of multimedia" he said.

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